Hi! Thursday.

I have a random of pictures and things that I did this week. This week was a pretty good week, expect some few anxiety that were there. I walked a lot alone in streets on monday and fighting my fear to be assaulted,… if not it’s my daily things.


Friday, I received my first J Crew order I was so excited, why? just because I was waiting this order during two weeks with the international shipping between USA and France. I ordered a shirt here and I love it.

A afternoon in car, drink a hot chocolate and eat a sugar donut.

I bought a engraving art because when I was a kid I loved to do that and I want to do it again.

I puzzled-hard.

I filmed my puzzle building for to do it in a timelapse video.

This cat!

Watching Paddington movie.

My psychiatrist visit on monday was good, after her I did not grabbed a hot chocolate from Starbucks but I went walk, I walked a lot and I loved, I felt good outside I was very cold but I did not have cold because I have put 4 layers of clothes, before I took the way of gare station.

I had tried a Banana Milkshake and now I tried Banana Chocolate Milkshake, it’s enough good.

I just love watching 1 or 2 episodes of Psych in the evenings.

This week, I reviewed my february movies that I watched, see you missed the post HERE.

I love sit and working on my bed with my favorite blanket.

Wednesday morning, I baked a Mint Pie and I ate on afternoon, my parents ate too and they loved it, I feel happy about that.

I watching since a lot Law and Order but these time I have completely a obsession with,… this was a night, Law and Order, Drink Protein, favorite stuffed animal, a sweet night.

I wrap this life lately saying that I’m tired because I miss sleep these times, I don’t know why, I wake up every single nights to 2h30am (I fall asleep to 1h00am) and after I fall asleep again around 4h30am. It’s decided tonight I start to take medication for try to sleep a little better because I start to get angry of sleep like that. The angry takes precedences same over the tired.


Take care of you, me tonight I’m going try to take care of my mom because she has had a procedure this afternoon. See you tomorrow.



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