It’s a life lately today.

From puzzle, food, ski, new clothes, hard psychiatrist visit until walks and hearts,… it’s in my life lately.

I can’t stop to look on my wall, I love so much these recently add, I feel good when Iook towards them.

All time napping for this cat.

I love playing dobble on evening.

Last friday I received my first Boden‘s order, I was so excited about.

Last week, I was in a ski shop for buy me a mask, I just love ski shop, usually I do not like going in a shop but ski shop, yes I love!

This cat who wants snuggles 24h and building puzzle with me.

From passing vacuum to iron all afternoon on saturday, I felt so good after, I love particularly vacuum when I feel bad in cause of borderline, that’s gives me good and calm me.

Sunday, I skied for the second time in my life and I just so much loved, review of this day in my monday post here.

I just founded a new loved thing to eat, sugar donut I ate two this week.

Monday, I started wearing my new Boden clothes, I love it.

My psychiatrist visit was not good this past monday, I felt no respect from my psychiatrist…

… but I loved walking between sun and snow with a hot chocolate from Starbucks.

These times I’m tired during days and try to have quiet time and sleep in afternoons because I do not sleep all long nights I wake up in the middle of my nights before fall asleep again but it’s too late I missed some hours of sleep.

I loved eat these french fries with thai chicken balls.

This was sunny outside and I love going out when it’s cold and sunny.

I just discovered and tested “Chocolate Fondue” with fruits and I loved.

That’s wrap my life lately with yesterday’s hearts.

See you tomorrow for a friday favorites.


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