Life Lately.

It’s thursday and time for a life lately… my week was full of opposite sides (good things and it was sick), I passed my weekend to watching Modern Family, I took some long time to cuddle my cat, work on my february goals,…

I baked and eat chocolate mousse, delicious.

I watching a lot with Modern Family or movies in my week.

This face… please, I want some cuddles, please. I love that face so much. I love his whiskers also on this photo.

The other week, I was looking for found a new puzzle, I wanted with the world, I just found this puzzle, I just flashed on it on Amazon, I already built several times and I could building it again a lot of times, I love it so much.

Just this cat again once time, he do not wanted leave my room.

He loves look also when I work on my blog.

This past week, I worked a lot on my february goals. HERE.

All weekend – one snuggle me and my blanket in my bed all entire weekend…

… and – two watching Modern Family, from saturday to sunday I probable watched 10 episodes, I mixed the episodes and seasons. So Fun.

At the end of sunday evening, I left in express my blanket, bed and Modern Family for see my grand mother with my parents… my grand mother is in a nursing home and I took a hot chocolate.

Monday, I had my psychiatrist visit, followed just after by this.

A hot chocolate from Starbucks.

And other big favorite of this day it was walking, I walked a lot again more that usually and I love it.

During these two past days, it was sick and in bed. Every month when I’m in period I have some biggest pain in my stomach, if some month the pain are more light, tuesday and wednesday this month they were really so much high pain, I passed these two days in bed to sleep, and read a little for learn more on my favorite country.

I did not eat really during these two days but I managed a little and once time I ate this chocolate fondue with fruits, it was so good.


This was my life lately. See you tomorrow.




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