Life Lately

Hi! There Monday.

Here a look at my life lately for this monday.

I almost every days these two past weeks eat some Nutella crepes. #crepesobessionweeks

This life lately include my first ever day of ski, see this day here and see here what I felt on my mental disorders when I skied.

I’m a little more tired some times.

Reading a winter book.

Snuggles with my cat.

I bought me a new puzzle, I built in 24 hours, I love build puzzle.

Mac & Cheese, probably 8 times on 10 meals.

This was a crazy rainy day last monday on the way of my psychiatrist visit, I loved walking under the rainy and drinking a hot chocolate from starbucks.

New add on a wall of my bedroom.

I choose to drink few banana milkshakes this week.

I watched and laughed a lot with Modern Family.

Movie, pyjamas, blanket on cozy nights.

My cat love to hide in my bedroom these times.

This was a little look on my life lately.

See you tomorrow.

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