Life Lately

Hi! it’s a life lately today.

Between my back home of my trip (see recap here) to today, it’s time for photos.

These last times I do a little lots of anxiety crises due to some things, I go try to show what I did between these attacks.


A thing which I felt so good, it’s when last friday I went just back home since 1 hour of the trip when a delivery brings me a packet, so that I was not expecting about this, I expected a packet but I was in waiting of tracking number, I thinking which packet was not again shipped but yes! but in fact I did not receive the tracking number when he was shipped, it was very cool.

I continue with new episode on Friday of season 14 NCIS in France.

Saturday Afternoon.

Egg, Avocado are a lots in my body currently.

Two weeks without monday I had a psychiatrist visit, in the go, train.

Summer not here anymore now after my trip, Fall season and weather, I choose after my psychiatrist visit for drink my first Hot Chocolate from Starbucks of the season I hope a lots on the future.

I love my arms, in despite of my self harm scars of there is few years ago.

Pieces of cheesecake and a cat on a tuesday night on the sofa in pj’s.

Hawai 5-0 season 1 on tuesday night.


This was a view of my life lately between my anxiety attacks.





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