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Yesterday afternoon, I had my first psychiatrist visit since three weeks and if these last times I felt not good with my psychiatrist’s behavior, yesterday I felt a little weird after three weeks without appointment but I felt better after my psychiatrist visit, she was mindful and she was more looking for understand my feeling. It was good!


Since few weeks, the depression is in my life, on a side it’s hard but on another I try and I need to see in future.

I have already some ideas of things for next years in my life… it’s hard to see future when you have depression side but by experience I know that it’s the best thing for want to continue in life and fighting against depression or suicide ideas. I have a lot of ideas but I never did out my head of bucket list for my future life, I do a lot of lists for months/seasons/christmas/summer but never did for my life.


I decided on sunday night when I couldn’t sleep to do a “life bucket list” of things that I have in my head by written on my currently favorite notepad that I bought for this spring/summer season at Erin Condren.


These are my things on my Life Bucket List that I have these times in my head that I want to do in my life.

(These times, I hope that in next months and years, I will again add more of stuffs on my list).

• Skiing every winter.

• Travelling.

• Live in USA.

• Discovere new cultures/country.

• Work in audiovisual world.

• Have a life that I love.

• To Do some Cruises.

• Regular trips.

    – Nice, France.

     – Spa getaways.

          – Little trips in city.

• SOLO Trips.

• Keep my minimalist mind.

• Beach Trips.

• Meeting Dolphins.

• Help a association (like terrorist attack, suicide, rape victims).

• Make every day something of special.


These are many things that I have on my “Life Bucket List”,… in the future I would like live in USA (currently I live in France), meeting dolphins, to do some cruises (I never did again) like in Fjord, Disney Cruise, work in a world that I love, to do some regular little trips without forgetting solo trips… keep my minimalist mind.

Need, need, need,… of projects on the long term for fighting this depression.


These are mine now. What are yours?

Let me know it if you have some ideas in comments. Please!

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Ohh, nice bucket list! What is it that you like about the US? I’m a fellow European, but I agree that the US is pretty intruiging. I love France though. I’ve been to Paris once and had THE best FOOD ever. You win, hands down. Your language is so beautiful too.
    Anyway, my life bucket list would probably look something like this:
    Live a life as self-sustainable as possible so grow my own food and keep animals
    Publish a book
    Find the love of my life and start family-life over with him
    Work in a field I love- preferably within writing/blogging/translation/teaching/language
    Travel in the US, possibly move there too (hey we could be neighbours!! haha)
    Learn more about my heritage, and history (Swedish/Scandinavian)
    Get involved in help organisations/charities
    That’s what I can think of right now.

    • Hi! Thanks for comment, thank you for you kind words about my language. I love a lot of things about USA, I think my biggest thing that I love it’s their way of life, so different that the French peoples, I found the French peoples are all time depressed and never happy of what they are same if it’s some good things, the American I found they enjoy more the life and the little things in life. And when I started to enjoyed the little things of the life it was a bright for live in despite of my mental disorders. Love your life bucket list.

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