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Hello! One no Disneyland Paris post. Right! All the summer, I come here on the blog to document only my Disneyland Paris trips. I haven’t posted about really anything else these past months! Because since the reopening of Disneyland Paris in June, it was my priority and the only thing who matters to me. Like I briefly written in my Disneyland Paris trips posts, my mental health is not good. Since that I’m entry in a mental breakdown in December 2020, I don’t manage to get out of it. Since this summer, it’s even worst than ever because I think I’m in a burn out of my mental breakdown.

The reopening of Disneyland Paris was such an amazing thing! Always very therapeutic. And maybe too much of the fact of my current mental breakdown and extreme fatigue. Since the beginning of September I was in the beach cabin in the South Of France and I come home last week end. In reality, it was not the best time and this was a time where I got again a bunch of new self-awareness. Since November 2020, I got a lot of self-awareness about myself, my past. And it’s a principal reason why I’m currently in a mental breakdown.

Doing back some regular and monthly trips makes me realize how hard it’s to go back to life also after the multiple Covid lockdowns and long closures that we have had in France. Since the introduce of the Health Pass in France, the Covid situation is managed to this time. We always have restrictions and mask mandates on some sides. But, it’s not the hardest thing, the hardest thing is trying to go back seeing life everywhere, after all these empty and closures places. It’s so much! I loved to seeing so much peoples in Disneyland Paris since that the capacity has increased. I could totally feel good during a parade crowd. But no parades are always not back at Disneyland Paris. But in reality, Disneyland Paris is the only place where I feel good to see so many peoples around. I realized during my beach cabin trip that everywhere else, seeing so many peoples makes me feel not good and anxious. After all these lockdowns. Right! I decided to go slowly now and trying to get back slowly to reintroduce the life, and open things. And this last week end, I went in a water park in Germany. Health pass was put in place like in France and capacity limited, this is literally the first time since that the Covid has started that I go in a place with peoples around without mask. It was such a big thing!

I contacted my psychiatrist to try to change my medication treatment also.

Well! I want to try to be back more on the blog with others kind of posts than only Disneyland Paris trips. Now, to see if I manage with always my current mental health. But I already want to go back more, because until recently, I don’t wanted to. Right! This is the first step, I suppose. Thanks for stopping by!



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