Lego Kits Organization

My new obsession it’s Lego.

There is few months ago when I started to wanted to buy a Lego Kit Box, I don’t know really if I would love at my age (almost 21) but when I was a kid I loved Lego and building games. I searched some things to do outside technology…. these last years I loved particularly puzzles but I tought that it was not enough, I wanted buildings games but not puzzles, I thinking in second step like 3D building games and I went more in Lego way. I started and loved these extra times to building Lego.

A follow step – was how l would organize these Lego kits, the organization is my must important thing… and keep the Lego Kits in their original big boxes, it’s not organization and beautiful in my nordic decorations mind.

I love Pinterest for a lot of things, including organizations, I searched a lot around Pinterest, but in really I nothing founded, I have been a idea in first of what I wanted for organized them (boxes, not transparent, easy and that goes with a minimalist and nordic deco,… there is some ways for organize Lego on Pinterest but that’s rest more at least the same, more for classic Lego already not for Kits and some ways to organize more for kids, not for a young women of 20 and that wants keep these Lego just for a little time out of her Mental problems. After a lot of research on and outside of Pinterest too, I founded how I wanted keep my Lego organized in agreements of my nordic decor and minimalist lifestyle.

My first goal was of search some boxes that I loved.

When I received the Lego kit, I building him and only after I throw the original boxes.

I keep the Lego kits books for stay organized, I know that some peoples prefer keep them organized by colors I decided to keep them organized for the kits of the same way that original, the original in their original boxes the kits are organized by pockets with number 1, 2, 3,… and in the books these pockets numbers are use for building the kits, I decided to keep this way.


Ok, keep the original pockets was not possible, so, I decided to use zip pocket.

I wrote with a sharpie what numbers for what buildings inside… and It’s perfect!

I organize like this with the zip pockets, I put them in a box and I add the books with in the boxes.

 A step too, because it’s not transparent box, at the first see, I can’t see what is in each boxes… and cause I love so much the photos (particularly those AMAZING Christmas Boxes) on the original boxes, I cut on the edge of each little photos and clutter them in the covers of boxes…


 I keep one with the only photo of what kits it is…and I put in the front of a side of the box, like that I can easy see what is it in the box without open it.

I have a classic box, this one it’s different that the kits.

That, I organized them by colors in a compartments box, it’s PerFect!

I organize my Lego, kits in this way.


Keep a joy to play and organize your home.



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