It’s time for a life lately.

The days of this past week was not really serene.

I tried to stopped my medication treatment, Lamictal 25mg on mornings. I tried to stopped it because some side effects. I was born already with eczema and Lamictal side effects are again more eczema. These last times it was really hard with eczema in cause some cold weather, I could put special creams against eczema, the skin did not wanted heal and I can’t stop scratch me. I started to take Lamictal since 2 and half year and currently I founded that Lamictal has too less of efficiency on my BPD symptoms. I was wrong! The very follow days after I stopped it I was good but 4-5 days after I stopped it I started to felt very bad, my BPD symptoms are returned in force. I did not wanted to do self harm since two years ago… but last week after two years I did it (I will put not photos of my self harm scars because trigger warning), luckily, I just did 6 superficial cuts on my left arm not more. Ok, on saturday I started to take it again Lamictal 25mg on mornings. It’s all, I must keep this treatment same if sometimes I have the feeling who does not work anymore on BPD, he helps like even (more I think). On nights for sleep I take equally Atarax the half of a 25mg pill, it’s hard to fall asleep. On another side…

I loved to walk during 40 minutes on monday by mid-day before my psychiatrist visit.

Working outside when it was sunny and with a spring feeling.

Eat mini easter chocolate eggs (I eat a lot).

This week end was snowing in my city.

I watched several times “The Dog Who Saved Easter”.

I ate my very first ice cream of the season.

And adding easter decorations touches.

That’s wrap this life lately.



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