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Last year, I used some sunscreens who scratched me a lot, it was not good with my sensitive and eczema problem. This year, my goal was to found a sunscreen that I will to be comfortable with, without scratch me, comfortable to apply too.


I do not remember what brand was the sunscreens that I used last year.

I chosen to try some sunscreens of La Roche Posay this year because I use already a lot of La Roche Posay products for my skin problems and I already did three cure thermal at La Roche Posay between 2010 and 2012. A day I would like to come back there for to do again some cure thermal. But I never tested La Roche Posay sunscreens.


Actually, my favorites La Roche Posay products are Lipikar Milk and Cicaplast B5.

It was a evidence for this summer that I test La Roche Posay sunscreens with my unsuccessful test of last year. There is a lot of choices so it was a little hard to found what sunscreens test. After a lot of thinking I decided to test Anthelios XL Milk comfort. I’m in love with my Lipikar Milk, I love so much the milk texture so I decided to test milk texture too for sunscreens.

In first time, I loved the texture like Lipikar Milk. I tried to do few little tests before for see how my skin react and my skin has reacted so good. I do not scratch me almost, I have not more eczema problems when I put this sunscreen. I love the smell of this sunscreen too, you are directly in a vacation mind!

After this first love, I chosen to test another sunscreen’s texture for complete the milk texture, I wanted a texture more fastly to apply. You know sometimes you need to apply in speed sunscreen or just a little layer. I wanted another for these situations. I chosen to test Anthelios XL Spray. AND it’s good!

Above on the photo, you can see the difference of textures between the milk and spray.

Below after starting to apply.

Wheter it is the milk or spray texture any let white marks on the skin after to have good applied the cream and both sunscreens are water resistant.

They sound perfect for this summer, no scratching, easy and comfortable to apply!

So I chosen these two sunscreens for this summer… a milk texture and another spray texture for complete when I do not need to apply a lot of sunscreens.


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