Keep in Memory: First SOLO Trip in Photo Book

Keep SPECIAL first SOLO Trip in Photo Book.


Back in the mid-aril, I did my first solo trip in Nice, France, it was not a easy trip on every things but it was a WONDERFUL first solo trip.

Talking about photo book, in february I talked in a post here how I organize and print my photos, I talked that I print just once time by year in a big photo book by year, I loved this idea of organize my photos for few reasons and principally because it does not take much space and also I found that better for look the photos in 10 years. See my photos where I talk about my annual book photos, here.

Ok, for keep and to do something of special the-after my first solo trip… I chosen to do a EXCEPTIONAL photo book, I thinking a lot before because normally I do just one photo book by year for the entire year but here exceptional I wanted add another photo book in this year for my exceptional first solo trip.

I chosen to print my photo book in a square book for that it does not look like my annual books who are in portrait format.

This is something of EXCEPTIONAL… I love so much the book that I did,

it’s my favorite!!!

I put some photos inside and I wrote a lot about what I did, how I felt…

I wrote day by day.

I love the square photos, that’s why I love so much instagram.

Promenade des Anglais, Nice.

This is a little view of the book that I created for my first solo trip, if you want see more photos and my feeling during this first solo trip, you can found my post about HERE, I equally did a post about what I learned of my first solo trip, a lot of tips, ideas to do before and during a SOLO Trip, including also my tip for manage my anxiety on a solo trip, post HERE.




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