June Goals {2018}

It’s June Goals post!


I managed good all my may goals, from life to food, they were a success. I’m proud of me… same the hardest goals I worked good on!

It was a little hard to found June goals because you know it’s first complete month of holiday and with summer weather, I tried to fix myself some goals in function of all these things in my head.


Before june goals, review of my may goals.


1. Spring PhotoShoot. I did a PhotoShoot with my cat.

2. Found good skin face Cream. I did not found the perfect skin face cream but I found one that help me in my problem with my eczema. I use the Cicaplast Baume B5 from La Roche Posay.

3. Found “The good” sunscreen. I found a good suncreen, I tested the Anthelios XL Milk comfort and my skin react rather good with this sunscreen. It does not scrape me and I spent a lot of time in my days in front of sun, the sunscreen protect good against the sun. I thinking add another La Roche Posay sunscreen with this one for complete with one more fast to apply like a mist for this summer.

4. Found 10 news Mental health Lifestyle Bloggers. I did not found 10 news bloggers to follow, I just found 3 news… I found it’s really hard to found some Mental Health bloggers who talk about their life style and who post 3 posts by week at least. I search always news bloggers, if you have any ideas of Mental Health and Life Style bloggers, please let me know it in comments!!!

5. Buy swimsuit. Yep! I did.

6. Summer Haul. Here my summer clothing haul.



1. Choose 2 fruits to eat… AND EAT!!! It’s really CRAZY, it’s the goal that I managed the best work with,… I did not just eat two fruits but at least five different fruits and I ate almost every day. It’s crazy, I just so much good worked on that. I ate some strawberries, bananas, blueberries, melon, lemon and I drunk some smoothies with different red fruits inside.

2. Bake 3 different cheesecake Flavors. Ok, I did two different flavors, lemon and mint.

3. S’Mores. Yes, yes, yes!!!

4. Drink 5 different milkshake Flavors. I drunk 4 different milkshake flavors, mint milkshake (I love so much), oreo milkshake (I do not love a lot), chocolate banana milkshake (I love but not so much), chocolate milkshake (I love).


Let’s see goals for June now.


Take care of my skin. Whether it is in winter or summer I tend to do not take care of my skin for each season their reasons but for this summer I want change that while take care of my skin is something of necessary normally in cause of my eczema or ichthyosis but it’s hard. I want take care of my skin also and do not to do self harm and take care of my old self harm scars like put creams on.

Stay out. It’s the SEASON!

Start a new tv show (20 mins). I want start to watching a new tv show because I watch always the same that I love. But this is a big deal because I spent already a lot of time to watch and when I say a lot, it’s a lot, I can stay until 2h00 am and after I do not sleep enough SO I want start a NEW tv show but the most tv shows the duration by episode is about 40 minutes. I need to found a new tv show with some episodes of about 20 minutes only, like Modern Family.

Wrap important booking for my next solo trip. In May, my next solo trip is becoming more clear, I started to booking him, I started with the hotel and this month I need to finish to booking the next important things like airplanes,… My second solo trip is for October and it’s again once time in Nice, yes! I love Nice, I could planning others solo trips on another place that Nice for 2019.




Ice cream.

Summer Flavors!

All that because it’s the season of summer.


That’s wrap my June Goals and my May Goals review. Summer is here!

What are your goals for June? I have also my Summer Bucket List who comes in application, see you missed my post you can found it, here.

If you also did a June Goals post, let the link by clicking on the botton below.


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