July Movies Review

It’s July Movies Review.


In July, I do not have a lot of movies… because I did not watch a lot. Just Four.


Because, if you had read my vacation posts you know it already that July it was time for vacation trip and in the same time I decided that it was time to reduce considerably my time in front of screens, I spent max 5 hours by day compared to about 15 hours in June and months before, less time in front of me that means also less of movies.


I tried to watch fun movies in July, I tried… and one Christmas because I wanted. I’m doing my list of movies to watch in August and for this last month of summer, I just want watch fun, summer spirit movies.


Let’s see what I watched in July.

Beethoven 5th. This one, I did not like it. I have all complete Beethoven’s movies collection in dvd that I received from my sister for Christmas, I watched all except the 5th so in July, I told me to finish to watch the collection. I love Beethoven’s movies except the 5th. I don’t know the story, the actors, the all… I do not like it.

Big Fat Liar. I found this one months ago on Prime Video. I watched it at 2 am on the first official night of my summer vacation trip because on the first night, I did not sleep 5 minutes of all night, ggrrr! And I loved, in reality when I found this movie I added to my wishlist because Frankie Muniz was inside and I love it, Malcolm in the Middle is an of my favorite tv show… I loved Frankie in this movie, I found that her character in Malcolm in the Middle and this movie are the same,… just so smart, full of FUN ideas. I loved all this movie… he distracted me good when I can’t sleep.

Grown Ups. This movie was my favorite that I watched in July. I watched it on Prime Video. Just a best, fun movie… all the kind of movie that I want watching this summer. I saw that grown ups 2 is here, so I will watch the 2 in August.

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure. I did not watch Christmas movies since January because it was not really the season for but this month I wanted watching one Christmas movie. Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure is an of my favorite Christmas movie (all my favorites Christmas movies here), I already watch it about 6 billion of times during this past couple of Christmas season. So I watched this one again. Because he is my favorite.


It’s over July movies review. I’m now in the spirit to watch fun movies of this last summer month.

To see all movies I watched in 2018. HERE.


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