July Goals {2018}

It’s July Goals post!

BUT… July is a little special month because I go on summer family vacation, so I decided for this july month do not to fix me goals. I just tell vacation and a little break in my monthly goals, I have always my vacation goals or summer bucket list. No special GOALS for July!


I do like same a review of my june goals, of course.


1. Take care of my skin. Check, but I could have done better, I took care of my skin, I applied sunscreens, creams for hydrate my skin but I found it was not enough. I want to do better.

2. Stay out. BIG check, I spent almost all my time, afternoons, nights, mornings,… when the sun and weather was here, I was out. AWESOME!!!

3. Start a new tv show (20 mins). Check, I planned to start to watch one new tv show and finally I started to watch two new tv shows of always 20 mins by episodes. I already watched the firsts seasons of these two tv shows: Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn and Fresh Off The Boat.

4. Wrap important booking for my next solo trip. Check, check, flights and hotels, it’s done! I recently did a post about my feelings two months after to have did my first solo trip, it’s good, you can found post here.



1. Smoothies!!! 

2. Ice cream.

3. Summer Flavors!


All good!!!


So no special goals for July but vacation!

See you tomorrow for a What’s Up Wednesday.




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  1. I’m currently on a july goals 2018 reading marathon, and I loved your take on it!I also love how you wrap up your june accomplishments along with that.Keep the good work up!

  2. I love Fresh Off the Boat! It’s a great show. One of the writers, Ali Wong, is HILARIOUS! If you haven’t already, check out her standup specials on Netflix. Great job crushing those goals for July!

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