January Movies Review

Hi! It’s my January Movies Review.

Good – good, a little introduction, I did not watched a lot of movies I prefer watching Tv Shows in my life, the only time of the year where I watch a lot of movies it’s to christmas, around christmas I pass all my times to watch christmas movies during this christmas I realized it was same a little too much the times that I passed to watching christmas movies, in the same time I realized also that maybe if I want watching this ton of movies to christmas it’s maybe I watch no movies the rest of the year. Ok, this is a of my goal of this year, watching movies. I plan for watching every sundays nights by at least a movie and after try to watch again others in the week if I want. In january I really good managed this new goal. Today, and every ends the month on the blog I will to dedicated a review of what movies I watched during all month.

Let’s see for january.

First, in the beginning of january I watched a lot again of christmas movies and after I moved on to something else.


For christmas, I received the complete collection of Beethoven’s movies.

When I was a kid I loved the Beethoven’s movies, this month including the christmas movie I watched 5 on 8 of Beethoven’s movies.

Beethoven, this movie is sweet but I found him sad also when the man wants to do hurt to Beethoven but my favorite part is probably when Ted with the car go into the warehouse.


Beethoven 2nd, he is so cute and my bpd symptoms are wake up with him in cause of the horrible women in divorce she gives me anger but he is too cute this movie with the puppies and Beethoven who found a girlfriend.


Beethoven big break, So cool Beethoven in Hollywood world.


Beethoven 3rd, disaster family vacation in cause of Beethoven, this movie gives me a lot of laughs, my favorite part is the car who finish in the water.


Home Alone 3, in my top 10 of my favorites movies, I can’t stop watching it when I was little, my sister loves it so much also, the best laughs adventures with Alex, really good movie.


Cheaper by dozen, this movie I watched a lot since my child age, a lot of laughs and I love the adventures of this big family. I can’t tell what are my favorites parts so much I have. My favorite character is Mike.


Honey, I shrunk the kids, when I was little I watched some parts of the movie on Tv but I have watched never the full movie, this was my first time last week, ok, cool movie, I haven’t favorite part in this movie.


Paddington, first time I watched it on sunday… one thing: this bear is so cute, two: I love the name of paddington I don’t know why… three: I want really eat jam now, I had fun and my favorite part it’s when he slides the stair in the hottub on the water. #laughlaughlaugh


That’s wrap my january movies review, I found my goal of watching more movies is a good goal.

See you tomorrow for my first What’s Up Without Food of the year.

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