January Monthly Box Review

Today, I’m sharing my first monthly box review. In my 2021 goals post, I shared that I create myself a monthly box with inside one book (because I want to try reading one book by month) and a few beauty products because I never really bought myself beauty products and I wanted without doing big, discover a bit of new beauty products. I create myself the box and stroll on Amazon for find a book that I could want to read on the month and on a beauty products website, I scroll and search what inspires me to test. Let’s do that!

For the global review of this first monthly box. I loved the idea to do that and was inspired by this challenge all the month (it’s really important to me) but I haven’t fall in love with what I read or products tested. But despite that, I finished this first monthly box challenge and with my current mental breakdown aside I told it’s a success to have done it. Let’s sharing a bit more details.


Book Title: Les Etoiles Brilles Plus Fort En Hiver (English Transatle: The Stars Shine Higher In Winter).

Author: Sophie Jomain.

Original summary:

At the Galleries Hartmann, the Féeries are the biggest event of the year. So, when seven days before their launch, the new director demands that the Christmas decoration be completely redone, the blood of Agathe only makes a round: no one will touch his work, and especially not this arrogant upstart. But the department store is now under the responsibility of Alexandre Hartmann, and as talented as Agathe Murano is, it is with him that she will have to deal. Him and no one else.
These two preferred never to meet, but since a Santa Claus and his magic cat have just been hired to make wishes come true, as the garlands sparkle and the air smells of cinnamon and gingerbread, everything becomes possible…

My opinion:

Important note: I decided to read book in French because it’s my first language and read a book in English, I could take more and more time. I chosen to stay in French books.

For the first book of this one book, one month challenge, I wanted to choose something in the Winter theme. I have done a few researches on Amazon and it’s on this book that I flashed on with the title and colors cover. It’s a Christmas themed book but when I looked to find a Winter theme book, all were about Christmas season. Right! Even if Christmas was passed, I have chosen this book like even.

I don’t loved this book! I don’t think that it’s a bad book, it’s can be a real good book for a lot of peoples to read but it’s in fact one of my first real novel outside Harry Potter series that I read and I’m not really into novel. But the hardest thing! It’s probably because of my current mental breakdown, it was too much for my mental health to read a book like that. I finished it but it’s depressing me a lot more that I was already once that I read some pages.
The mix of be new in novel reading and my current mental breakdown makes that I don’t loved this book. The stories between the characters were too intense, I think. I have no other words to describe for this first book review.

I give this book a two stars but this is because of what I tell above. It’s could be a good book to read for a lot of peoples, I’m aware of it.


Products name: Polaar: The True Cream Of Lapland.

For what use: Face, hands, lips.

For this first set of beauty products, I wanted to choose something of simple and with a winter/cocooning feeling. Right! I flashed on this cracker set with include one face cream, one hand cream and one lips balm. The format simple and little was perfect for trying something new, I found. Right! I launched myself! It’s really something new for me buy beauty products and I don’t know by where and what start.

Currently is not the best time to try new beauty products for me because I have my eczema who increased because of my mental breakdown. But I started to apply slowly on small parts. I can tell that these products have not increased my eczema, but not helped too (really important). It’s really pleasant to apply these creams on the skin, it’s let the skin soft and even if I can’t describe the smell exactly, it’s makes you feel totally like you’re in Lapland in winter season. I can’t tell exactly that I absolutely loved these products but it’s pretty agreable to apply (particularly the hands cream) on a cold days of the winter season.

I could give a rating of three stars for this. It was pleasant but I haven’t fall in love with these products.

That’s my first ever book and beauty products review! It’s not really good but it’s something that I really wanted to do and work on this new monthly box challenge. Thanks for reading!



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