January Goals 2019

Well! In the beginning of the week I did my yearly 2019 goals. Now, it’s time to take back my monthly goals. I could continue like in 2018, I have my yearly goals but monthly too. I love to do these monthly goals. Last year I was such a help! For my recovery, for my organization. It’s the first month of the year and it’s not my best time side anxiety. Because of difficult memories happened in this month. This year, I decided to do my best for fighting this January’s anxiety! But of fact that it’s the beginning of the year with my yearly goals and my work to fighting about anxiety, I do not have a lot of goals this month.

In December, all my goals were a success! Here, a look on my first monthly goals of 2019!

Enjoy all the winter things. Despite my January’s anxiety, Winter is my favorite season of all and here we are. I’m happy about that! I want to do my best to enjoy all the winter things. From skiing to drink hot cocoa. WINTER.

Ski trip. Well! Well! This month I have my first ski trip of the season in the Alps. I’m excited! My goal about this trip, I want to manage to do completely parallel turns, maybe start to take blue slopes, take speed without anxiety (or with less than last year) And almost all have fun and enjoy skiing times.

Look on two different motivating quotes by day. I talked about in my 2018 in review post, motivation quotes is a thing who helped me so much in 2018. I have an app on my iPhone. And with my hard past memories of this month, I need to look on two different motivating quotes by day. Keep strong to fighting the anxiety!

Fix the places for my next solo trips. I have ideas! A few! I did not manage to fix the places where I want to go this year and at what time of the year. I have just managed to take train tickets for a day trip at Disneyland Paris in March as for my birthday the past December. I must balance with my parent’s trips too so it’s not easy. Right! I need to plan this month. Last year, it was more easy to planning the place. I have chosen Nice for my first solo trip because it’s the city where I feel the more safe. Now, this year, I want new destinations and I want to choose destinations who scare me, in the goal to continue to fight my social anxiety. I have many sides to think in the same! Complicated!


These are my goals for this month! January, I want to fight you and feel me good! What are your goals for January? I would love to hear from you!



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