It’s my Birthday!

22 years. Well! I turn 22 years old today!


I don’t know what I feel about that. I hope it will be a year with less anxiety. A peace year. I’m anxious about my coming twenty-second year and 2019 who coming. I’m excited to do new adventures.

Despite my anxiety all long year during my twenty-one year, I’m pretty happy and glad of this year. It was a so special year! Good and hard! I started to travel in solo! And it was the best of my year! I’m so so happy to have been able to fight my social anxiety and start the begin to travel in solo in my life. I’m happy!

This year for my birthday, I’m happy to have chosen to celebrate it a little and to do a trip at Disneyland Paris. It was amazing!

Right now. I’m off to enjoy my special day!




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