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An of my favorite thing to do is to pinning interior design inspirations on Pinterest. I love that! These last years since that I started to be a minimalist, I love and interest me in the interior design. When I started deeply in the minimalist lifestyle, I loved all the things white, white, white everywhere, after a few months I started to feel me a little sad with all white. I wanted to add a few colors but I did not know which because I wanted to stay in the white and minimalism. I went around the neutral colors! I added a few pieces of neutral colors, the white was always the most part and I feel less sad. Thinking about interior design is in my everyday life since a few weeks with the moving and house renovation. My favorite part about the moving is to do renovate my bedroom with the design that I want and love, I never could to do exactly what I wanted before in the rental house! Now, it’s the time with this moving! And I love that!

Seriously, I never could identify clearly my interior design style. I know what I want! I know what I do not want! That’s good! Right?! But, I never put a name in my interior design style. I love minimalist style, white, neutrals colors like blue powder, beige, clear grey… but when I’m looking on Pinterest I can find a inspirations pin who is in a contemporary style and the next is in a farmhouse style. I’m in a mixing. Sometimes, I would like to put a name on my interior design style and when someone asking me what is your style I can tell him. Sometimes, I ask me if it’s really important to have a special named interior style. Or it does matter if I love some things of each style.

I love minimalist white furnitures but I love to add some beige contemporary style also. I love some wood wall frames, floating shelves, hyacinth baskets. I love to have a few items and only my favorites in decorations and I hate bulky drawers! I love to have access to each thing differently and do not have to move something for to have access to another. I have my outdoor favorite style like I love more overflow pool with hottub.

I know what I want and when I saw an object I know in five seconds this I love it and I want it or not. And sometimes it’s a mixing of different interior design styles. I don’t know if it’s about my mental health. I just know since that I’m in my minimalist lifestyle, it’s helping me considerably in my emotions.  I love to use Pinterest to help me to find new inspirations, styles, and particularly in the decorations for my new bedroom. It is really cool! I think, it does matter to a specific interior design style but a mixing if I love it and I feel me good and happy with. I’m always searching and looking to find my style.

What is your interior design style? Do you have some mixed styles like me? I would love to hear from you!




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