I’m back!

Yesterday late in the afternoon, I went back home from my second solo trip. My flight had a delay of about 1h30 in cause of a technical problem on the airplane on an early flight. I’m so thankful for this delay! Thanks to this delay, when finally it was the time for my plane to get ready for taking off. An A380 of Emirates has landed just on the parallel next to mine runway. I saw it from my window’s seat. OMG!!! OMG!!! It was awesome! I did not have the time to take a photo because it was fast. But I could forever remember! I always dreamed to see an A380 landing on the runway from a plane where I could to be inside! And yesterday it was the day! It was so COOl! My flight delay worth it!

Ok! So I’m back from my trip. I explored again more my autonomy and fight my social anxiety. And it was awesome! I defeated few fears also! And spent incredible time in this solo trip! I learned few things about myself and travel’s world.

But! I’m so tired of all what I did! Today, I have no post! And! During few next days, I just need to take rest. Now, I’m off! To sleep in my bed! Traveling is SO AWESOME and EXHAUSTING! Next week, I could to do the recap of my second solo trip! Stay tuned! Thanks for reading! See you on Monday.


Few words to myself. I’m proud of me, again once time I surprised myself against my mental disorders.



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