Ice Skating 21th Birthday

Yesterday, I had my 21th Birthday for this day about 1 months earlier I asked to my mother to go for the first time to do Ice Skating. I loved to do.

I opened my presents in the morning before let home for eat lunch in restaurant.

Hello 21.

Play fun with boxes, this cat.

For lunch, I choose Chinesse restaurant because I love the smell of this restaurant… This restaurant is my favorite since I’m a children, I love all about this restaurant.


Shrimps Noodles.

Next time in the afternoon: Ice Skating.

This was my first time and I love, I did during 1 hour I stopped after cause my legs hurt me, my mind could have continue, in the background my favorites (christmas) musics in more.

After a back home we eat the cake. I loved it.

A big piece.

Creamy hot chocolate.

I work on my presents.

I finished the day with watching Home Alone 2.

That close my birthday day.

This was a good day.

Happy Birthday 21th to me.


For finish I wanted to write a interview on me… I founded fun to do that for in 5 years or some years later see if what the difference there have.


Favorite color? Pastel Blue
Favorite iPhone game? Rayman Adventure
Favorite tv show? NCIS
Favorite outfit? Comfort Sweat
Favorite animal? Tiger and Dolphin
Favorite song? Joy to the World (It’s christmas season).
Favorite book? My USA Photography Book
Favorite thing to drink? Grenadine Syrup
Favorite holiday? Christmas
What job I want to do? Cameraman
Favorite movie? Beethoven movies
Favorite food? Pizza
Best thing? Cozy Blanket
Favorite thing to do? Take planes
Favorite thing for calm anxiety? Blanket
Favorite thing against depression? Watching Modern Family
Favorite thing for live with bpd? Keep up goals, cozy things


That’s my Birthday post.

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