Hygge At Disneyland Paris

Well! Doing a few little things who could help me to going out of my current depression mood. The weather is starting to cool down slowly and it’s perfect time to brings more hygge moments. Just because hygge moments are a good therapy for my depression side or even my flashbacks.

Because I’m currently crying, recently Disneyland Paris has announced what could be made in the Halloween season this year and of course there is no parades and shows. I’m so depressed! Right! There could have some surprises on the parade route. I’m excited to see what it is! I hope this is some good surprises and that even if there is no reel parade they could comes out some floats on the route. Hoping just for some floats if the reel parade can’t be back again. I miss looking on some floats and the life who bring at the park so much.

Well! I could not again living my days full of shows like I love at Disneyland Paris. Right! I thought in what way I could make some things in waiting that parades and shows could be back. With the fall and winter seasons who are coming, I was of reflections one day how I could practice more hygge at Disneyland Paris. There no really need of hygge moments in one of my day when I’m at Disneyland Paris usually. But with the current situation and that I haven’t access to my favorite things. Well! Why not! To concentrate me to practice more hygge at Disneyland Paris.

Ok! I decided to write down a list of the little things who brings me hygge moments during my trips last fall and winter. And I could try with the current different circumstances makes them happens or adapt them a bit.

Hygge definition: A calm, comfortable time and enjoy the little things.

DRINK A HOT COCOA IN WAITING THE PARADE. Well! This is a very simple hygge moment, drinking a hot cocoa during waiting the parade. A best way to get warm when it’s cold outside and you are waiting in the cold. DRINK A HOT COCOA AT CAFE FANTASIA. The most cozy place to get a hot cocoa inside. This place is so cozy! Currently closed with the Disneyland Hotel, reopens on December 8. BREAKFAST AT STARBUCKS. I love grab a hot cocoa in Starbucks when it’s cold outside when I rush for Extra Magic Time but sometimes I love take the time to sit in it. I rarely sit in some Starbucks in my life but I love this one, it’s cozy. WEAR A SWEETPANT AND OR SWEATSHIRT. The best thing to be comfortable all day long is to wear sweatpant and sweatshirt. It’s my clothes of choice during the cold season. It’s so much comfortable when you are walking on day long. And sit in an attraction with a sweatpant is so much comfortable than in a jeans. WATCHING A THEMED MOVIE IN WAITING THE SEASONAL PARADES. An of my favorite thing when I have done with the attractions early in the morning and I have a free time before the mid-day seasonal parades is watching a themed movie. A Halloween movie before the Halloween parade and a Christmas movie before the Christmas parade. SNACK AT VICTORIA’S HOME STYLE RESTAURANT. Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant is a thé/cafe kind of restaurant, it’s rather cozy inside and in summer they serve the best milkshake and in winter some Mickey waffles. GET IN EXTRA MAGIC TIME TO WATCH THE MORNING LIGHT. Going in the park during Extra Magic Time is an of my favorite time of the day. But during the fall and winter where the sun takes more time to get up and that it’s a sunny morning, the light is so beautiful, hard for take photos but so amazing to enjoy a cozy walk with this morning light. WATCHING CASTLE AT NIGHT. I absolutely love watching the Castle starting to sparkle in the night during waiting Disney Illuminations. But after Disney Illuminations when it’s not too too cold I love sit on the ground of Main Street USA and watching the Castle in the night during waiting that the park start to get empty. WEAR COZY SHOES. In the same time that sweatpants, get cozy in your feet. It is even a necessity when you walk around the park, all day long. PRIVILEGY LESS CROWDED TIMES TO TAKE PHOTOS. Less crowded times is privilegy by the photographer at Disneyland Paris to take photos without peoples inside. But even for take just some simple photos of the park, it’s so much more comfortable and creative to take photos around the park with less crowded places. LOOK IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN WALKING DOWN MAIN STREET USA AND WITHOUT TAKING PHOTOS. A lot of peoples when they go into the park and go down Main Street USA take some photos in the same time. The first day it’s ok! But on the second try to go down the street without your phone in the hands and during look in front of you. It’s an amazing moment! GRAB A MICKEY SHAPED COOKIES OR CUPCAKE AT BOARDWALK CANDY PALACE. If you love snack during at a Disney park, stop at Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street USA to grab a Mickey shaped cookies or cupcakes to take on the go. RETOUCH YOUR PHOTOS UNDER A BLANKET IN HOTEL ROOM. After a full day to walk everywhere and take photos, when you are back at the hotel, get first comfortable under a blanket and retouch you photos inside it, cozy.


This hygge moments list is written for specially Disneyland Paris park and no Disney parks like Walt Disney World because of the climat in France and the sometimes really cold winter park days at Disneyland Paris. Right! What is your favorite hygge thing during on a trip? Thanks for stopping by!


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