How Video Games Improve My Mental Health

Last year, I started a new blog series where I share how a random of things help me to improve my mental health. I already shared how skiing, minimalism lifestyle, my Apple Watch and Disneyland trips improves my mental health. Today, I will share how video games improve my mental health.

Video games haven’t never had a big part in my life, the last console that I had was a Playstation 1 during my pre-teen age but it’s a few long years that I haven’t played. This Christmas, I got a Nintendo Switch. Sometimes it’s missed me to play video games on the TV because let’s be real on an iPad it’s not the same thing. But buy me material thing is not my priority so I have never really wanted to buy me a console. I’m a bit happy that I got one for Christmas.

Video games are often considered like bad for the mental health and anti-social. But I noticed a few positive effects on my mental health. When I started, it’s something that I was afraid but I managed to stay good on this. I was afraid to be addict and over play but I’m pretty good on this. I can play about one hour by day, sometimes less. I can to play a bit everyday but I have no problem to don’t play during a few days in the row as during a trip. If I took it during my week ski trip in La Clusaz or I played a bit every day at night during I rest of my ski days, I don’t took it with me during my trip to Disneyland Paris and I haven’t thinking one second about the console. I feel reassure because in the beginning it’s something who has could anxious me.

A little look on what things playing video games improve my mental health!


Reduce my flashbacks. It’s the higgest important thing for me during recovery from C-PTSD! I can’t tell that it’s have super effect to delete my flashbacks daily but when I’m playing, I have less of flashbacks and it’s can be so good even five minutes without flashbacks where I deal with my flashbacks every second in daily life.

Learn to persevere. Sometimes you need to start over and over one or some levels to progress in the game. Sometimes you can be mad about and want to stop the game for forever. Taking a break of the game maybe a few days and come back and manage the level. Practice that a few times, it helps me to persevere. In the beginning, it was hard and it’s on one thing that I worked hard on it. But you learn that you haven’t need to manage all the levels in one time.

TETRIS The Best Game. It’s not the most exciting game! But it’s the one who helps me the more on this game! I have done a few research on the internet and I found that TETRIS is a good game and can even be a good tool in therapy of PTSD. What?! I was so surprised to read that and in the same time not because I found that game really helpful! But I found a real comfort to read that to confirm my feelings that playing video games can be a helpful tool in mental health and particularly in the recovery of PTSD or C-PTSD.


Do you play video games? Have you maybe noticed a helpful tool in the recovery of your mental health? Thanks for reading!




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