How To Prepare His Phone For Disneyland

Prepare and planning his trip to Disneyland is important but one thing that we do not think is to prepare his phone. On any kind of travel, we need to prepare our phone for many reasons, because it’s clear that when you’re outside all day to visit, we need to have the most everything useful tools inside our phone. In this post, I will concentrate it only on how to prepare a phone before going on a trip to Disneyland. Now that I have many trips to Disneyland I have added a few things to my list that I made always before going on a Disneyland trip to optimize my phone. To have done many different kinds of trips to Disneyland and no-Disneyland trips, I think that prepare a phone for Disneyland is different than any other trip. Here, today I will share how I prepare my phone for a Disneyland trip.

Install Disneyland apps // The really cool thing when you’re going to Disneyland more than on any other trip is the apps. Install the Disneyland apps permit you to have the maximum of information once there, park hours, plans, attractions hours, restaurants hours, shows hours and the most important for a lot of peoples attractions waiting times. It’s really amazing and it makes easier your trip in the parks.

Clean photos in your camera roll // One thing if you take 1000 photos & videos by day during a trip to Disneyland like me, whatever the type of photos that you take. Clean the camera roll of your photos. Like I take a lot of photos, I clean regularly my camera roll but just before going on a trip to Disneyland I look back until at least one month ago and clean. I advise this tip to have more memory of course but also when it’s will the time to clean your Disneyland photos, it’s could easier if you have a cleaned camera roll previously.

Install game apps // I haven’t a lot of games on my phone because I do not play a lot with but it’s something that I have done recently and who can be really good. Not passing your trip to play but during your traveling time until Disneyland, during attractions waiting lines,… it’s can useful to occupy your time on this way. Because even if I prefer to watching tv shows to wait a time, it’s can be disagreeable to have a cut in the mid-episode when it’s finally your turn in the attraction, use a game for a few minutes can be better.

External Battery // THE M.O.S.T, THE MOST! The most important thing to take with your phone during all your trip and each day in the parks. The phone battery are not so long, and when you add to this look on the Disneyland apps and take photos and videos it’s using again more battery. Right! Usually, when I get in the park at the extra magic hours, my battery is out around 01h00pm. It’s crazy to have any more of battery in the mid-day. Ok! Disneyland can have a few spaces to recharge your battery but it’s so much better to have an external battery to could charge it on the go and do not be blocked in City Hall to recharge your battery. The best is to take a battery who let you recharge your phone multiple times and with many USB plugs if you’re many peoples on the trip. One last thing, do not forget to recharge your external battery the night before, if not it’s risk do not work!

Protect your Phone // I have always a case on my phone but it’s something that I saw too many times that peoples don’t protect their phones. It’s their choice! But whatever the kind of phones you have protect it with a simple case and if you have planned to do attractions with water, you can even take a water case to protect it again better. A simple advise.

Place your planning in your phone // I do my planner by days on sheets in my laptop that I print and that I take with me on the trip. I usually remember of what my days are planned but for not have to take my sheets each day in my bag. When I create them on my MacBook with the app pages, I export them to PDF and I transfer them in the Evernote app to could look on it when I need and I keep the sheets in the hotel room and I do a recap at the end of the day on it.  It’s easier like that!

Journalling app // I love to do it on papers on my planning sheets but you can download an app. I journalling in a few words my days. I write down my expenses, favorite things and a few things that I would love to remember that it’s a good memory where one progresses in my social anxiety. Journalling day by day permits me to write down easier my trip recap on the blog also because when you write down your recap one week after to have edited your photos, you can unconsciously lost little important details that I want to write down to remember them.


These are a few of my tips to prepare good your phone before your trip to Disneyland, it makes easier your trip in the parks! What is your favorite thing to do on your phone before going to Disneyland, let me know it in comments!


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