How To Minimize Social Media

A few months ago back, mid-March, I talked that I took a two weeks Instagram break. I shared in a post why I have done this and what it brings me on my mental health.

In one word, this two weeks complete break, because I needed it and it was the first that I have taken a complete break like that, it’s given me some good. Since I learned a bit more how manage my time on social media. Social media can be good and bad! Right! After these two weeks break, I often taken some a few days breaks if I felt the need because I noticed that when I’m depressed and anxious, going again more on social media can increase it again.

Right! Now, if I feel the need because of anxiety, or because I’m not productive to post something, I can take a break of one, two or even four days without problem and without feel me guilty because of the algorithm and who is recommended to post every day. However, I don’t have many social media, only Instagram and Pinterest, and Twitter but only for checking an account on the last news about Disneyland Paris. Right! That’s all! My iPhone screen time told me that I spend about 1h30 on social media by day. But sometimes, it’s too much with my mental health!

Right! I will share my tips that I learned for minimize social media time in your life during my journey since that I taken my Instagram break.



A first simple but really important thing to do not be overwhelmed daily, declutter peoples that you’re following and follow only the peoples who bring something of positive in any ways you could again more loving take the time to look individually each content and know what you like and follow.


For the algorithm, it’s often recommended to post during the same time of the day who is the best for you. Good, yes! But choosing a time of the day who is the best mentally for you, only one or twice by day, like that you do not check the social media every 5 minutes to see if something is new. Just choice a time of the day where you concentrate on that, and without doing anything else in the same time.


If you feel overwhelmed by all the contents, mute the stories. Post and stories bring you so much more contents on your feeds. Mute stories can helping you to reduce it. Depending what kind of peoples you’re following, the highlight contents of their accounts they share them in some posts. The rest in stories, it’s rather some pick inside their days or more touches of their life. And I noticed that often when I’m really mentally bad, it’s watching daily touches in the stories who brings me again more bad for my mental health. I don’t mute all the time stories, I love watching some stories but sometimes that I feel overwhelmed by too much contents, I can mute during a few times the stories who can bring another thing that some positive for my mental health.


If you feel the need to disconnect! Disconnect totally, but totally! one or two weeks of social media! And if you have already disconnected during a few weeks and when you’re back and you feel the need regularly to disconnect, do it. It’s can be planned like by example the weekend or not planned at any time of the week, you feel the need, do it. Manage your mental health is better than more content!

A thing that I learned is sharing content when I feel the want to do it! Not just for sharing any content! I’m feeling better on what I share when I respect this new rule that I impose myself.

Tip: if you have followers who follow you for your daily life, make a story to tell that you take this break of a few weeks, and you could be back later. It avoids who doesn’t understand why you do not post during a time and unfollow you because they doesn’t see anymore content in a few days.


How much time do you spend on social media? Does social media have an influence on your mental health?


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