How To Do Disneyland in One day + Free Printable Planner

To do Disneyland in one day can be tricky but it’s doable! You just need a little organization to optimize in maximum your day. I will share how I proceed to organize my day trips at Disneyland Paris. I’m going at Disneyland Paris but these easy tricks can be used in all Disney parks. I have a big Disneyland trip to planned for September but at this time I just spent some day trips at Disneyland. And recently I spend my time to organize my day trip in June and July so I think it was the right time to do a post like this. I really wanted to share my tips and how I do in one day and again less because I left the park already at 05h00pm to take my train back home like I have 3 hours of train. I have created my very own planner sheets for a Disneyland day also and I will share it with you for free, you could find them at the bottom of the post and print them, it’s totally free! There how I do Disneyland in one day!

Define your goals. What do you want to do at Disneyland? Me, I spend the most time to take photos and I do just two/four rides, attractions. Define what you want to do! Rather attractions/take photos or shows. The best thing to optimizing a day in Disneyland, it defines your goals.

Decide what attractions/rides/shows. Now that you defined your goals for your day. To do research on Disneyland websites to see what attractions/rides and shows they have during your visit and you want to do. Big or little! Pay attention on the attractions who could to be in refurbishment during the day where you go! You can easily find the refurbishment plans for the next months on the Disneyland website!

Check out hours parks/shows/parade. You find the hours parks online, and if watching shows and the parade is in your goals, look on the hours in this way you can organize your day by writing shows and place attractions between the shows.

Not eating in restaurants or at busy hours. Eating during a day is not my priority with my eating disorders. During my last visit, I ate a Nutella crepe like lunch. Except if eating in a restaurant is in your goals. I do not recommend it! It makes you lose so much time! Ok! It is necessary to eat like even and there is a lot of easy food to take away, hot dog, french fries,… And if eating in a restaurant is really important to you, do not go on busy hours but rather around 11h00am or 02h30pm.

Plan your route. Now that you have decided what attractions/rides/shows and you have all the hours, I recommend you look at the park maps and decide how you will approach the park. It’s an of my highest tip! Look where in the parks and inside what land are what things that you want to do and try to plan a route. I recommend doing that because you will walk a lot in Disneyland and avoid to cross all parks and finally find that the next ride was at the other corner of the park where you have been 1 hour ago. Often it may change inside the parks but do this work before you arrive in the parks it could make an easier visit and gives you less of stress. It’s not necessary to be in details but to do a route at the glance could really to be helpful for optimize and have fun during your day.


These are my favorite tips! Below a few tips who could to optimize again more your day in Disneyland!

Buy your tickets online. Don’t waste time in the waiting line at the park’s entrances! Buy your tickets online. And sometimes you could even find deals!

Fastpass and Single riderI personally never used Fastpass again because I do not do a lot of attractions but I used Single rider and it’s amazing! I particularly tested at Walt Disney Studios on The Ratatouille attraction, the regular waiting line was 60 minutes and the Single rider line was to 10 minutes. On my next trips, I would love to test Fastpass also when there is no Single rider.

Attractions according to season. If you have a ton of attractions/rides that you want to do and you have planned to go many times at Disneyland (like me) plan the attractions according to each season. Ok! During my next trips in June and July where the weather is suspective to be hot (at Paris we do not never), I planned attractions where lands with water and I decided to keep Phantom Manor and The Tower of Terror for September and October like it’s around Halloween, it’s could to more in the theme so so much fun!

Download the app. Useful, it shows you the waiting time in the attractions.

Arrive at the opening hour parks. Try to start your day when the parks are opening, try even to arrive about 15 minutes before the parks open their doors.


Right! I shared with you all my tips to do my best in a limited time during one day! I always write down my plans on paper and I created my own planner sheet for one day. I wanted to share it with you! It’s totally free! Link is below and you can to print the planner many times that you want!






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