How Ski Improves My Mental Health

Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical! The ski is an expensive hobby and yet it’s on something that I do not regret to place my money in. I started to skiing for the first time of my life last year and this season I progressed in my ski practice, I turn parallel, I skidding, I took blue runs,… but above all, I feel with a feeling of happiness when I’m at the top of the mountains and when I downhill a run despite my anxiety. The week after my ski trip in January, I felt official that in the mountains at skiing is my happy place. I feel anxious but happy! I feel with a feeling of lightness, I feel ready to fight life and I saw a future and ready for it. I feel like this after each ski session. Ski helps me like never a medication could help me. It’s my happy place! And the ski improves already last year when I just started in many ways my mental health and even if this season is finished, I know that it could accompany and helping me all long year for many different reasons.

Feel in pure happiness. I never feel like that before except maybe on my solo trips. I have no words to tell how it is possible but it is! I feel just in a world of happiness. I would never have thought that something could give so much happiness, it’s really motivating and encouraging to know that happiness exists. I never experimented this height of happiness before! It’s amazing!

Fighting social anxiety. I never talked at so many unknown peoples that on the slopes. The big deal is that I felt not anxious! We do not think but skiing is a social activity even if your ski in solo. Why? I talked at peoples on ski lifts, shared a smile and a few words at an adult beginning skier who falling down just next to me and tell him, I’m also a beginner. On another way, I generally feel anxious to pass in front of someone but on the slopes when I’m skiing I have almost no problem for spend in front of someone who is skiing slowly or is stopped on the slopes.

Boost my confidence in myself. Until the ski is entered in my life last year, I thoughts that I was able to do nothing and not worth anything. Learning the ski helped me on that, yes! I was able to do something in my life! In more I learned to skiing in solo, it’s helped me double to take confidence in myself. And I’m able! And much more that I would have thoughts! I just need to be motivated and want it!

Reduce obsessional thoughts. A reason why skiing is my happy place, it’s because I have almost no obsessional thoughts when I’m skiing. My obsessional thoughts are so hard in daily life and take a break a few hours is just so so precious to see the things positive in my mental health.

Help me to stay focused on the now. When you are skiing, you need to stay concentrate on what are you doing in the moment, stay concentrate to move correctly your body to turn. So, It’s helping and learn to stay focused on the now. I have so much daily anxiety about the future so skiing is a fresh air with this anxiety because I’m concentrating on what I’m doing at the moment on the slopes and I’m happy right now.

Learned me to keep fighting for my dreams. You fall down and you stand up again and again when you are a skier beginner. But you are motivated and keep going and stand up again! Day after day! I was super motivated to learn skiing. I managed not to fall down many times since my beginning but when I have done it, I was always motivated, a little anxious but always motivated to stand up and continue my dream to progress in ski. Skiing just learned me to keep fighting and focus for my dreams.

At the top of the mountains, I’m able to see a future, which is much harder in simple daily life with my mental illness. I feel happy! I feel strong! I feel motivated! I have confidence in myself! Ski learned me so much apart from skiing. It’s an of my favorite thing to do. I love winter! I love sport now also! The ski has improved so much my mental health. Do you ski? Have you a feeling of happiness after skiing also? How did it help you in your mental health? I would love to hear your experience with the ski!




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