How Minimalism Improves My Mental Health

I recently started a new blog series where I share how a random of things help me to improve my mental health. Today, I will share how minimalism improves my mental health. I’m minimalist since about six years now and minimalism is not only to have nothing in your house. There are different intensities of minimalism! Some peoples have the vision of just a bed in a bedroom is minimalism. No, it’s not! My level of minimalism is to think to have just what I need and want and who sparks me joy. I do not want to have twenty t-shirts but eight is enough. Eight that I love, eight that I wear. I do not love to have things in double. I hate to have things that I don’t love or that I do not use regularly. Sometimes, it’s can to be great to break the rules of minimalism when you are minimalist but I could talk about this in another post soon. I haven’t grown up in a minimalist lifestyle, on the contrary, my parents have so much stuff. I started minimalism in my teen age when I was in depression with suicidal ideas. Even if it’s not helped me to recovery completely of my depression and now I understand that it’s because of my traumas, minimalism it’s the thing who calm me. Minimalism has so many benefits on my mental health in daily life. I will share them what you!

Calm my mind. Probably the more impressive benefit of minimalism is calming my mind. Living in minimalism has helped me to manage better my BPD moods switching. Find you in a clean and decluttered room when you feel bad or depressed help you to think clearly. It affects positively my mood! When I’m in my parent’s room full of stuff my mood is bad, I feel often angry and on the way to cry. When I’m in my room, I feel in a better mood and I’m less angry. Minimalism calm and left entry positive in my mind.

Exercise to self-control. Minimalism with mental illness like BPD, C-PTSD or depression can be hard some days. It’s true! It’s known that these mental illnesses give you addictions and particularly binge buying anything. Some days, when I’m really in some though daytimes, I can want to buy me anything. I just learned to self-control! Control myself and don’t buy things when I’m bad because I know that it’s something that I couldn’t love or use it.

Help me to find what gives me happy. Minimalism helped me and constantly helps me to find what really gives me happy. Not things but adventures! A big advantage to apply minimalism in daily life is to could save money of the fact that you buy less of things and put more money on travel and adventures. It’s out of my comfort zone but discovers, travel and to do new adventures is what give me happy. I recently posted a photo on Instagram where I shared the other day that instead of buy me a new pair of sneakers I used the money for buy me train tickets for a second day at Disneyland Paris this summer. It looks maybe not so much like this but Disneyland is my happy place and I know that I could not wear sneakers every day almost with summer season who coming but I could think at my memories of my Disneyland day every day after the trip. And that’s what gives me happy.

Less clutter, less stress, more enjoy. It calms my mind and helps me to manage better my mood in daily life but minimalism helps you to have more time during a day. Having less stuff is equal to have less things to do! I think particularly on cleaning the house. Since I have a de-cluttered room, I love even to vacuuming or folding laundry AND it can calm my anxiety make these tasks! I have less of stuff, I use less of time to do them and I discovered that I love to do them because I know that I could to do it in a bit time so I enjoy to do them also. I enjoy cleaning!


Minimalism has benefits to developed my happiness and calms me in daily life. It’s learned me many things about the life! I’m happy and proud to tell that I have a minimalist lifestyle. Like tell above minimalism is not only a bed in a bedroom with white walls even if it’s can be at the beginning of the process you learn gradually what minimalism brings you and at what level of minimalism you want to be. A few months ago, I watched the minimalism documentary, I loved it but I find extremely the guy who told just one pant is enough. I need a little more, I have four different kind pants and it’s enough. Less than four I feel like something is missing me BUT I don’t want more, I find too much and I could even not wear them. Minimalism is to watch rather in streaming than buy dvd. Minimalism is to have only things who spark joy or that you use regularly. Minimalism is something to learn and to find your own balance between your minimum and when it’s too much or anymore necessary to buy. The journey towards minimalism can be hard sometimes and can need time to find the best balance BUT it’s completely worth it! I could be encouraging every person to launch in this journey! Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.


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