How I Pack for a Trip

Today, it’s a all about how I pack for a trip post. I’m in the mind to do a post like that because I start to thinking for packing for my summer family vacation in a couple of weeks. I love packing, it’s a of my favorite thing in life and in the process of a trip.

I packing differently in function of trips,… when I go on a little trip as my first solo trip in April of only few days, I pack just a carry on.


When it’s a more longer trip I use bigger suitcase as summer family vacation. I can packing really differently in cause of what photography tools I took. On some trips, I know that I want take some photos, so I took my dslr it’s a packing more bigger and differently with the weight, height of the dslr, batteries, accessories that if I do not take my dslr because I know that I want just take photos with my iPhone. Again a thing differently for packing sometimes I take my MacBook or sometimes I take only my iPad or together.


This year again a challenge I must packing my DJI Spark for my summer family vacation. This is the first time that I took on a trip not in car.

In function of all these differently things I will use differently bags. Sometimes that’s can to be really hard to found the best bags for that it’s the more lightest to carry in more that I can’t carry heavy things.


When I take all my photography materials I use a backpack, this year I bought me a new backpack with a lot of organization inside that my oldest, I took a UnderArmor backpack.


• I keep safe my dslr in a small case that I put in my backpack.

• I have also a Jo Totes hand camera bag but I took him more particularly for car travel because it’s too heavy to carry for me.


These are the different things that I use in all process to packing. These are the things that I learned with all trips that I did, I particularly started to learn more about packing when I took my first plane.


#1 I use a checklist that I prepare two weeks before for big trips and one week to few days before for little trips. Seriously, use a checklist that’s save life, you forget less of stuffs and you are less stressed when it’s time to packing because you have write what you wanted take. Since I use Erin Condren travel checklist I’m in love with. Use checklist is my higher recommandation.


#2 When it’s time for packing I use my checklist for see what I want take with me and each thing I want take for my trip I put him on my bed. With this tip, I have a view of all on a place.


#3 When I reunited all what I need on my bed, I check again once time for see if you is good, where if I missed something.


#4 When all is reunited on my bed, I take my suitcase and I organize in function of my clothes or stuffs (more bigger clothes in winter so different organization than summer) that I have to pack in.


#5 I use file bags zipper where I keep all my papers document (travel documents, identity copies, medical prescriptions,…) for keep them safe of water and keeping all my papers together, I know where search when I need of a paper.

#6 I organize all little things like my socks, belts,… in my shoes, that’s save places in suitcases.

#7 A thing that I love to do and it’s particularly convenient with summer clothes, I roll my clothes, I found that take less of place in suitcase for a light clothes packing.

#8 I have now always a external battery with me (and full charged) during my travelling, I do not use necessarily during the trip but it’s REALLY helpful like in airports, with possibility plane delay. I’m so happy to have had my external battery when I took my back flight of my first solo trip with my plane delayed of 5 hours, it was really, really helpful.

#9 I use bags for packing my shoes for that the rest of my clothes are protect of my shoes.


#10 I use a organizer case and I put all cables (MacBook, dslr, iPhone, Apple Watch) inside. I found that better that all cables are together like that I do not have each one in another corner of the suitcase. And because I don’t know if I’m alone but my electronic devices are always with a low battery in the same time, it’s more faster to put all devices in charge in the same time if the cables are together.

#11 During packing add few plastic bags or ziplock bags for during the trips, that can to be helpful for laundry, wet clothes, food,… Now I pack always that in more. You can also add a little pliable shopping bag always useful for carry something.

#12 Charging all your devices before go on the trip, the day before or during the week before if it’s some devices that you do not use every day.


#13 I love put each liquid bottle inside a little ziplock bag and after all little ziplock bags inside liquid bag accepted by airline company.


#14 I take always my more comfort things for cuddle, my stuffed animal and my fav little pillow, I take my blanket too, I cannot sleep without these stuffs.


These are my packing tips.


What are your favorite packing tips?


This year, I launched me and I test packing cubes. I’m really so excited about.


Psstt: My favorite ID tags are these world ID tags from Erin Condren.


I did a how I pack for a ski trip post also few months ago.


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