How I Pack for a SKI Trip

I’m recently back of my first ever ski trip in the French Alps ( you can see my trip HERE ).

So I had my very first experience to packing for a ski trip and I wanted to do a post of How I packed and what I learned of this first experience of packing for a ski trip.

I have already did a post about How I pack for a trip HERE. But seriously packing for a ski trip is very different that packing for a other trip.



Last year, I bought this one of Erin Condren and she is just awesome, this checklist and very complete for all types of trip and you can add few extras on the list. If you want planned your trip on the back you can in more add your plans,… it’s cost 6$, it’s perfect.


Here few good things that I found good for a ski trip.


1. Take three/four layers of clothes. Because it’s cold but with different layers you can better manage if you have hot or cold. I found have three or four layers, it’s just the best quantity.

2. Have two differents pair of gloves: one for the ski and the other more for walking in the city. Walking in a city or going to the restaurant with ski gloves, it’s not good in more if it’s after a day of skiing and that the weather was not good the gloves are wet, have another pair of gloves it’s good.

3. Have a empty backpack. Take with you on the trip a empty backpack is a good idea, I took one me during my trip and it was good for take it with you on ski or same for some other things. Have a empty backpack.

4. For trip in family or with some friends: take games as Uno, Triomino, Domino, Mikado. I had the idea of take games on my first ski trip, I played with my parents during the nights and it was a good idea of take games, I spend good time during playing uno or triomino.

5. Take Cold Weather Accessories. Taking cold weather accessories, ski mask, ski socks, scarves, gloves, beanies, buffs all necceseray for do not have cold.

6. Rent Ski Gear. This is my first year of ski so I rented but if you are a person who love travelling light rent ski gear is better.

7. Separate in two suitcases. I love take two big different suitcases at least for separate all normal clothes and the ski clothes. Each his suitcase. lol

8. Use travel cases. A thing that I love for my normal clothes it’s use cases for put the clothes inside, in more to this cases add a laundry bag.

9. Organize in all corners. When I organize my suitcase, I put little things as socks, belt in shoes.


Other few things that I learned with this first ski trip:

Do not have so much things in waiting during the trip that need a internet access because in mountain there is less of internet access or if there is, the power at the network is low and slow.

If I ski during few hours in the roll and that the temperature is not under 0°C/32F, do not put a so much big jacket under the ski vest because skiing is a sport and same me that have all time cold with my The North Face jacket under my ski vest I had hot.

Left electronic devises the more possible warm and protected against cold.

Packing for ski is a little more challenge (again more for the first time) that of packing for beach but with a little organization, it’s possible and easy. I’m happy I have learned few things with my first ski trip for use them on the other ski trips during the next years.


I have a previous post about How I Pack for a Trip HERE.


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