How I organize my work space.

To have a work space organized mostly when you work at home is so constructive in your work.


Before to have organized my work space, I decluttered all my work space from my supplies in my drawers to all my papers.

It’s the first point necessary before organized because if you have a ton of useless things to organize, you could take more time for all organized your complete work space and in your daily work that’s will be unconstructive.

Declutter is therefore the first to do.

Before show and tell how I organize my work space, let’s see a around in photos of what I have next to my work space.

Here my desk, I have a big large desk that I love because when I work on I can put my MacBook and few books side to side without to have of problems. I found a large desk and more productive. On my desk when I’m not on for work, my desk is empty and alway clean, I have nothing on except my favorite big photography book about USA, it’s one and half year that I have it at this place, I love to have it here and my planner (I talked about my planner yesterday in a post, here) like that when I need to see it I can use directly.

My favorite photography book that I had for christmas 2016 in gift.

On the wall left to my desk, before I haven’t nothing and there is less of three months I added these three photos, I chosen to put some of my favorites photos that I took in two past years. At the top a photo of my cat, the second this is a photo that I took on my Nice trip in september 2017 in the evening on the Promenade du Paillon, the last this is one that I took on the beach at Cannes. These photos I love them and since I put them I love to having them next to my desk.

I’m in loving too of my USA flag next to my desk.


I use my two big drawers for organize all my supplies and my essential work stuffs. I have them at hand.

In one I have more my notebooks,… big things. I have my hard drive, Apple Mousse that I use it principally with my MacBook Air when I work on PhotoShop. I have a little pocket with some stuffs from Erin Condren inside.

On the second drawer, I have all my supplies, pens, sharpies, post it, note pads, scootch,… I have all my little supplies things.

In this drawer, I organize it with some dividers that I love so much, it’s so easy, more organized, more beautiful that when it’s a mess, more easy to found something. I have a big divider for my pens, pencils, highlighters, another big for my sharpies and two others little with little supplies inside.

Between I have my note pads. And I left always here my monthly goals list like that when I open the drawer I can see it directly. Often I left my other lists that I do not want keep on my planner here.


About my all others important papers like bills, banks,… I use a white blinder and inside I organize with some velcro pockets, I organize by categories, I use my labeller for write on what I have in my pockets.

All my school papers I organize them in a display book with a label by school years and grade.

All my blinders, display books,… I keep them in a Drona box from IKEA in my Kallax self unit from IKEA again, next to my desk.

I will finish this post being honest because I work at home I work also in bed. It’s right!

And with beautiful and hot days I love work outside.

It’s just awesome!


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