How I Edit my Photos for a Clear INSTAGRAM Feed

I had a lot questions about how I edit my photos on Instagram for keeping a clear FEED.

Today, I will share with you and for answer at the peoples who asked me how I do it, I show you my way for edit my photos for a clear Instagram feed. Keep a clear feed on Instagram is a challenge and ask a work but I think that with few rules followed and a training, everybody can do it. It’s easy in real!


It’s since a lot of time that I took some minimalist and clear photos, it’s important for me to keep a minimalist, clear feed for my mental health, yeah! I’m feel better when I have a clear feed, my mind is more LIGHT and CLEAR. Take photos is a therapy for me but take photos and edit for them to be clear… that’s help me clearly to recovery in my mental disorders and calm me with my bpd bad moods.


Before I edit my photos… there is few rules that I follow the most possible during taking photos.

• Use the maximum of natural light when you can.

• Put some clear colors (like white, beige, powder blue,…).

• Take top down photos.


I take principally my photos with my iPhone, and I edit my photos directly on my iPhone (actually I have a iPhone 6S). During many months I searched the only and best app for edit my photos, I searched a app where many tools that I love use are reunited in the same for do not use a mutilple of apps, in the app that I use actually I love it too because she offers the opportunity to save the edited photo directly on the original photo or save on a copy, I save 90% times directly on the original photo for do not to have a multiple of double photos in my camera roll, among all apps that I used for edited my photos, this is the first who offer this opportunity and I love that. I use Snapseed.


This is a little preview of before and after that I edit a photo.


First step: I open the photo that I want edit. Second step: I start by crop like need the photo, I can use the perspective tool if I need. Third step: I use the tune image tool for increase the brightness, I can use the contrast or saturation tools sometimes. Fourth step: If increase the brightness with the first tool isn’t enough, I use again the selective tool, I can edit the brightness, contrast,… around a object that I already enough increase the brightness or in the corner of the photo who is not enough clear in cause of a shadow during that I took the photo. I can add a fifth step sometimes: I use again the brush tool for increase the exposure of the photo where I need.

This is my way of edit my photos and to have a clear Instagram feed. How you edit your photos? What is your favorite app for edit them? Do you love too Snapseed like me?


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