How I Create My Yearly Photo Books

It’s now a few years that I make yearly photo books. I recently ordered, received and shared my 2019 photo book and in this occasion, I will share how I create my yearly photo book. Create a yearly photo book is a big and complex project but totally worth it to print photos in this way!

I have chosen the way to keep my photos printed in photo books because it keeps organized and minimalist on the shelves. I have chosen a big yearly do not have multiple photo books of each little events and it’s easier to include everyday life inside.

I will share a look and my process how I create my yearly photo book that this big project gets easier. Creating a yearly photo book can take some times to work on it and in function of how much time you can spend to work on it by week. But it’s important to take the time to make the book that you love because it’s lifetime memories photo books.

1. Download and store photos by month on your laptop. The first and biggest important thing! In first time, choose the photos that you want to print in your photo book of your multiple devices and organized them in folders by month on your laptop. Note: keep only photos that you want to place in the book. If you need you can take one week to choose the photos that you want but it’s important to organize and reduce the number of photos at this that you want to place inside the photo book. It makes it easier the next steps! If you hesitate between two photos, keep the two at this point, it’s could help you to choose your layouts later when you hesitate on the layouts.

2. Think about what kind of photo book size you want. Now that you have your photos organized the photos that you want to print in your yearly photo book, you need to choose your photo book size. I personally chose a portrait size for my yearly photo books. I love this size! It’s more beautiful on the shelves and the layouts permit you better to place yours between travel and everyday life photos.

3. Download and organize by month on the website. You have your photos organized and the book size in head! It’s time to start download your photos on the website. Depending how much photos you have but with a yearly photo book you have a ton of photos so it’s can take a long time, even many hours. The photos download is long and probably the step that I hate the more when I create a yearly photo book. I download about 500 photos and it’s can take me more than four hours. Right! I highly recommend to start this step and let aside your laptop and do another stuffs in waiting. Stay at home and do it by day to keep an eye that all photos downloads correctly.

4. Think the layouts that you want for your photos. You can take the time to do this step when your photos are downloading! You have organized the photos that you want to print in the photo book previously so you know what kind of photos you have. It makes it easier to choose the layouts. I love to keep simple, I choose a two, four or six photos by page by mixing portraits and landscapes photos sizes and my absolutely favorite photos I love to place it in the entire page. For the everyday life, I love to choose also the layout with multiple squares on the same page. Choose maximum five different layouts and stay with the same and regular.

5. Start to create the book with only the first month. It’s time to start really creating the photo book now! When you start it you can to be really existed but fastly you could be overwhelmed also by the giant task to create a yearly photo book. Right! Stop! Start to create only the first month. Let one blank page at the beginning of the book for your photo book introduction later and start to creating the first month. Only the first month! Try to place your photos with the layouts that you have previously chosen. Try each photo and pages with different layouts… until you feel that you love the layouts and it’s the good one that you could love to look on your printed photo book again and again. Depending if I traveled or it was a month with different activities or a calm month, I have general from two to eight pages by month. I try to do not go further. Because to know that you can’t print endless pages in photo books, the websites have a maximum of pages authorized who is around 100 pages.

6. Continue to create one month by one. You have finished to create your first month! You can continue to create the rest of your photo book. Go slowly and continue to create one month by month. I start the next month that when I have finished the previous to stay calm to the big task that I have to create a yearly photo book. If you have really trouble to create or finishing one month, you can let a few blank pages and go at the next month. It can happen with all the photos of all long year that you are currently looking on it. But try in the maximum to create one month by month, it makes all the task easier. But to be lacking of inspiration it’s can happen, at this moment you can trying to start the next month and come back later on your previous month.

7. Create your monthly introductions and year introduction on PhotoShop. Now that you have finished the biggest task to place your photos in your photo book, you can start to creating your introductions. I love to use photoshop to create them because on the photo book websites you have often not a lot of options to create what you want. I start with the monthly introductions. On the notes app of my laptop, I previously recapped what I have done during each month of the year and after I create the monthly introductions, by writing down the month and things that I have done and place the page previous the photos of this month. At the final, I create the big introduction of the year that I place in the very first page of the photo book. I love to add my favorite photo of me of the year on this page also.

8. Create the front page for the end. You have created almost your all photo book, it miss just the front page. You can now create it! One or multiple photos on this page, it’s like you want and love! Think if you place your photo books on shelves that this front page could be easy to look on it so think at the photos that you could love to have to look in the first time.

9. Order it. You have finished your yearly photo book! I highly recommend to keep it safe aside a few days without look on it. Because during these few days you could to have new ideas and little details that you could want to change and you could regret it to have ordered it the day or you have finished it. I know it’s so exciting! But let it aside a few days and come back look on it. Another reason to wait is to find a good deal to reduce his price. A yearly photo book is expensive and the websites photo books do regularly good deals so look and check if you find some good deals to reduce the price of your photo book.

Important note that I told to myself also: the photo book has not to be perfect and it’s creating photo books after photo books that you could notice on some new details to improve in the next photo books. But even if he is not completely perfect, it’s better to print the photos than to keep them on your phone or laptop.


These are my steps to get easier to create my yearly photo books! Have you already printed photos in photo books? Do you love rather one big photo book or multiple little photo books to look at your memories?


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