How Disneyland Improves My Mental Health

I started a new blog series where I share how a random of things help me to improve my mental health. Previously, I shared how skiing, minimalist lifestyle and my Apple Watch improve my mental health. Today, I will share how DISNEYLAND improves my mental health. Between Disneyland and me it’s not a long story but it’s started only about one year ago when I have chosen to offer me a day trip to Disneyland Paris in December for my birthday. I was back three months later in March for another day trip. I followed with one in June and one in July and this September I have done my first overnights trip with four nights in a hotel (it was the first time that I stayed so long in a solo trip also) and three days in October. Because I’m going to Disneyland Paris in solo and I love it, I shared the good reasons to go at Disneyland in solo previously here, and I could share a guide for Disneyland Paris solo traveler soon. After this trip in September and it brings so much good on my mental health that I decided to invest and offer me overnights trip every month until the end of the year. In May, and after a lot of reflection and with the projects that I had in mind, I bought me an Annual Pass Holder to go at Disneyland Paris. It’s amazing! The price really worth it with the number of times that I go. It’s really cool not to have to pay entrance tickets to each trip! I have just the transports and hotel.

Well! That’s a little of the story! Each trip to Disneyland Paris, it brings me positive on my mental health and since this summer, I consider it like my therapy place (with the mountains and tree covered by snow, I can’t choose between the two) and this for many reasons that I discovered on each trip and there are some reasons probably that I haven’t discovered again. I will share here why I go back to Disneyland Paris regularly. I’m excited because my next trip is next week!

Reduce my flashbacks and anxiety. It’s something who happened since my first trip to Disneyland Paris but I didn’t realize it instantly and I literally took months to realize it because it was unthinkable that I spent one entire day without flashbacks like they were here all days and almost all the time. I can’t tell exactly what is doing that I have less and some days I managed to have almost zero flashbacks, but it’s done it. I have less of flashbacks and anxiety when I’m in Disneyland Paris. I think it’s really a multitude of little and big details who done it. Details to Disneyland are everywhere from the sounds to visuals. It’s really amazing these times without flashbacks! I spent my days currently with all long days some flashbacks and anxiety and these times without are so precious. It’s so good!

Learn to enjoy the moment. It’s really hard with the flashbacks of my C-PTSD and anxiety to enjoy the moments in everyday life. When I’m in Disneyland Paris, I’m able and I learned to enjoy the moment. It’s easy when you have less of flashbacks and anxiety to enjoy the moment. It’s really something that I work on each of my trip. It’s for this reason that an of my favorite thing to do at Disneyland is to sitting down on Main Street USA and looking around me and just concentrate me on the right moment. I just learned to enjoy the moment and outside of Disneyland Paris also, even if it’s harder particularly these times than in the parks, I work daily on this.

Fight my social anxiety. I realized that during my trip in September, going to Disneyland Paris is a helpful tool for my social anxiety. I can’t deny it with what happened to me during my trip in October during waiting for Disney Illuminations, I literally talked and argue to a disrespectful woman, the story is told in my post recap. It was the first time ever that I act like that socially! I can’t tell that the peoples are nicer to Disneyland, on the contrary, there are a lot of disrespectful peoples but I like even noticed sweet peoples and the cast members are awesome. How they work, the magic & security who try to establish help me to feel me better socially. The ambiance of Disneyland Paris makes me feel better with my social anxiety.

Head me to discover what I want in life. It’s hard since years to find what I want to do in life. I’m in regression since my grandmas are passed away but it’s another story. The want to going back to Disneyland Paris multiple times, head me to discover some things that I want now in life like travel and seriously it’s helped to understand myself that I’m able to want to do something in life. Before, the only thing that it was really motivated and that I wanted to include in my life was skiing. I had not really other things who lead me to go back again and again. It’s really good to see that I’m able to have different things that I want who lead me in my life. It was really hard to have just one thing before and who is only seasonal. I’m only on the short term currently, I’m in regression since my grandmas are passed away and I ask me a lot of questions and going to Disneyland Paris currently every month is maybe the thing who saves me to continue to discover what I want to do in my life.

Boost my self-confidence. I travel in solo and traveling solo helps to develop self-confidence. It’s something of really hard for me because I had absolutely zero self-confidence. But zero! My travel in solo last year helped to start building a self-confidence. And like Disneyland is a therapy place on different kinds of things and on my social anxiety, it’s helping me to continue to build my self-confidence who is again low but these trips to Disneyland Paris are one helpful tool. I fixed me to makes my driving theory before the end of the year since, it’s one and a half year that I’m with this and mostly an unthinkable thing who sounds crazy to me because before I have never thought it with my zero self-confidence but since I’m going to Disneyland Paris every month, I have in my head the goal to live for myself one day. It was really something that I was not able to consider without to be completely anxious. I can consider it now with less of anxiety even if at this moment I’m not ready to live in solo but rather travel in solo.


Well! This is how going to Disneyland Paris improves my mental health. A few more simple things can add again more positive in my trips like watching kids having fun with bubbles in waiting for the parade, it’s so sweet and these kinds of things can make me smile and happy. It’s for these reasons that you see more Disneyland content on my blog and I love to do it. Have you already been to Disneyland Paris? Thanks for reading!




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