How Create A Travel PhotoBook

If you follow me since awhile you know that I love photo books. In the beginning of the year at the occasion to create my 2019 yearly photo book, I shared how I create my yearly photo books. Well! Now, I will share how I create my travel photo books, if the creating process is the same for my travel and yearly photo books, it is also totally different. A travel photo book project is much easier than when you are trying to put together a yearly photo book. If you’re beginner in photo books, starting a travel photo book is more accessible, it’s currently in these times of no-travel a good idea to print your past travel memories before to could come back exploring.

If a yearly photo book, I take about two months to create it, a travel photo book, I take about one to two weeks. I create 100% myself the photo books, no help from the software or themes that websites can to propose you, I create also all my pages with writing separately on PhotoShop. It’s for this principal reason that I take more time to create my photo books. But it’s something that I couldn’t pass on, if it’s take more time, it’s let more place, texts and creativity also. The best to personalize your photo books! Of course, if you’re beginner you haven’t the need to do that, in first you can to create with what the websites propose you. In first, I have done it also, it’s after practice creating photo books that I launched me to create my very own writing pages on PhotoShop.


I already talked in the post where I shared how I create my yearly photo books that I decided to create my yearly photo books in portrait size and my travel photo books in square size to differentiate them. Before starting your photo book, know in what size you want to print them is important.


Create a folder on your laptop of your travel photo book project and place all photos that you want to place on it inside the folder. You can then upload them to the website or software that you have chosen to create your photo book. I create my travel photo books with PhotoBox.


Even if you do not create your writing pages separately on PhotoShop, take a time to write down on a notes app your memories, favorite things, describe your days, every things that you could want to have write down to remember them. In the photo book, before or after, I don’t like specially to write on the same pages that the photos, take a few pages to notes these memories.


You have everything to could create your photo book, photos, memories written. Now, let create it! I like to keep minimalist and simple with one full photo by pages. On a square travel photo book, I don’t exceed four photos by pages because too much photos by page, the photos could be smaller and not also beautiful with a view on the details to look on it. Let your creativity and desires during remember your travel to create your photo book. Need inspirations! Check Pinterest to find photo books templates ideas. Let’s send to print it! And a few times later get the exciting to opens it for the very first time.

Below some links where I shared a little pick inside my different travel photo books.

Disneyland Paris 2019

La Clusaz 2020


I love a photo book project! When is the last time that you have printed travel photos?




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