How My Apple Watch Improves My Mental Health

I’m back from my solo trip in Paris. Well! It was a better amazing solo trip that I would have thought! It was an incredible solo trip! And if before going on I was ready to cancel it at the last minute so much I was anxious I did not cancel it because I was motivated also to do it, I’m happy to have been there. Paris has a little special place in my heart now! Nice stays my favorite and contrary at Nice, I’m not in a mood to go back in Paris again and again regularly. But it was good to change of city a bit! I could to do the recap of my trip next week.

I recently started a new blog series where I share how a random of things help me to improve my mental health. My last post was how the ski improves my mental health. My happy place! Today, I will share how my Apple Watch improves my mental health. I have my Apple Watch since nearly two years. I have an Apple Watch 2. I am not a buyer of last version products. I looked on the Apple website on the new functions on the more recent Apple Watch and seriously I do not see any interest to update it at a more recent version. I could update it if I need more functions or if she stops to work but I do not see interest now. The Apple Watch 2 is waterproof so it’s good! I load my watch every two nights. For the fun, I have two-three different brands that I change in the seasons. To have my Apple Watch around my wrist gives me joy! Let’s a look at how my Apple Watch is helpful in my mental health.

Reduce OCD with easy notifications access. It’s probably an of my favorite thing about the Apple Watch. Before having it, I was all the time glued to my iPhone not only because to could take photos at any moment but by fear to miss an important text or call. When I left a room in the house, I always took my iPhone with me even if it was for going in the next room. It was obsessional in my head. I had some OCD about this. Now, with the Apple Watch, I receive the text messages and calls on it so my iPhone stays the most of time in my bedroom. I’m free of my OCD about my notifications. And even if I have my iPhone with, the most time when I have a notification I look on my Apple Watch before, to see if it’s important or a sale email. And I go only on my iPhone when it’s important, in this way, I do not spend all the time on my iPhone. Because you know, when you watch five minutes a thing and finally switch between pages and stay on at look 1 hour. It’s amazing.

Breathe app. The best app with my anxiety! Ok! Breathe is an app directly in the Apple Watch, this is a simple breathe app but who works well and is so helpful, particularly during anxiety attacks. You set your time and the screen show you when concentrate you and when you can inhale and exhale. It keeps concentrating on your breath. It’s amazingly helpful! That helps to reduce anxiety during a crisis. I love this app!

Motivating on physical activity. To be honest, I haven’t a lot of activity in daily life but when I do. I find that amazing to be able to follow it, the time, number calories burned,… And it’s so motivating to see what you have accomplished! I loved to use the app “Slopes” on my Apple Watch during I skied this winter. I could see how much I burned and km of slopes ran. It was crazy when a day on my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez, at the end of the day I saw I burned 1000 calories and run 10km of slopes. In one day! It’s really cool to know and how I was able to run of slopes in a day. It’s encouraging to do more activity!

Heart Rate. To follow your heart rate during an activity or during an anxiety attack is nice. When I had the flu back in December, I was all time lay down with a high fever and my Apple Watch notified many times that my heart rate was high while I was laying down. My doctor told that during the flu with high fever, the heart rate can to be high. But it’s well that the watch can notify you that your heart rate is anomalous. You can discover your secret anxiety with the heart rate! During my solo trip in Paris this week, I was in a break lay down in my hotel room to watching an of my favorite show and if I did not feel with a high anxiety at first glance, my Apple Watch notified all time my heart rate was high so that I was in rest. But, necessarily I was in a city who anxious me! Also, on the night where I do not load it, I have even my heart rate during my sleeping in my sleep app.


A few things why I love again more my Apple Watch even if it’s not especially improving my mental health. I keep the weather app on my face screen, particularly to could look on what weather is in the moment outside. I have often cold, after analyzing so it’s helping me at know how much layers of clothes I have need to wear, from how much degrees I start to have hot. It’s really cool and it helps to wear I right numbers of layers in winter or summer. When I’m baking I love to use the timer, I can leave the oven in the kitchen and going to do a puzzle in my bedroom and always to know how time is letting before it’s over. I do not have the need to going back in the kitchen every ten minutes to see when it’s done. Another cool utilization is with the camera remote app, I can control the camera of my iPhone particularly useful when I have my iPhone on a tripod. And of course, there are all the shortcut apps. When I want to see where I’m in my period app, I can access the principal functions directly on my Apple Watch. I recently started to use the app “Moods” on my iPhone to register my moods and I can use it also on my Apple Watch, easily and fast to register on the daily utilization.

I’m convinced that the Apple Watch is a helpful tool for mental health! Anyway, it is for me! I love so much my Apple Watch! Have you an Apple Watch or connected watch? How it is helpful on your mental health? I would love to hear from you! xoxo




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