Hot Cocoa + Christmas Lights

An of my biggest favorite about holiday season and winter season, it’s drink hot cocoa. In winter, I drink a simple hot cocoa but around christmas I love to add a little (big) of whipped cream on the top. On the cold days, I love going outside and come back home and drink a hot cocoa. It’s just so good! It was worth it to going out! After skiing hot cocoa is my favorite too! When I’m outside I love to drink hot cocoa from Starbucks particularly. The little touch to drink in Santa cup! And christmas is here!


I took a walk around the streets from Strasbourg yesterday evening after my psychiatrist visit. And look on the lights in almost the dark. I wanted to stay longer but it was not able. One because the battery of my iPhone, I have a lot of troubles with since few months. I was at the Apple Store and with a health of 81%, she needs to be changed but I did not have the time to do it. And I did not take my external battery yesterday so my iPhone turned off before it was completely the night and I had no place to charge it. I could not take anymore photos. Second, my tendinitis pain is so painful these last days and yesterday it was really painful so after 9000 steps I could not walk anymore, I was too much painful in my legs and hands. I walked a lot and enjoyed the lights that I saw! My goal is done!


My mind with a much in the christmas magic.



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