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I don’t love so much read books. Ok! I can’t stay concentrate on reading. I do not have even finish the phrase that I have forgotten the beginning. I dropped read books. But! I love so much another kind of book. The photography books! I just love to look and turn pages in photography books. Like a minimalism people, I do not love buy books because they take so many spaces. This year, I launched me a new challenge. Holiday books! I started to find Christmas books with beautiful illustrations. I wanted that for change and do not just watch on screens Christmas movies. I loved the ideas to look beautiful illustrations in Christmas books. I started a little collection this year. I bought me few Christmas books to read a little with BEAUTIFUL illustrations but also few books for coloring! Because I just love so much coloring since few weeks.

The Night Before Christmas. I wanted this classic. The illustrations are just so beautiful!

Rudolph the red nose Reindeer. I love reindeer so I needed a book about. The story is cute and I love the illustrations.

The Nutcracker. This is my favorite book. With this book, this is the first time that I know the story about Nutcracker. I love it. The illustrations are amazing!

The Polar Express. I love the movie. When I saw the first pages with the amazing illustrations on Amazon, I told me, I need it.

Les plus belle histoires de Noël. This is a French book. There are many little different stories about Christmas. I love it! I found a little the love to read with this book. And! The important! I do not forget the beginning of the story before the end. I can even read few stories in the row and remember them. Right! Nice!

Noël Magique. This is my coloring book. I love it so much! A lot of different draws to color! It’s amazing! I had a hard time to find the perfect coloring book that I wanted. On many books, the draws didn’t give me the want to color. And this one it was the good! I love coloring inside!

Christmas Magic Painting Book. This book is my second favorite. It is an amazing book! You just need water and a brush and when you paint the colors come out. It’s just so amazing! I love it so much! He is cool!

Christmas Wonderland to colour. I coloring so much in my first book that I needed to buy me a second. There are different subjects to colors. Christmas market, Ice skating scene, Santa sleigh, Gingerbread Houses… I love the idea of these scenes! I have just started to coloring it and I love it.

Stickers Noël. I love to use stickers in my planner. Well! To be honest! I have a stickers obsession. When I saw this book, I loved the idea of building Christmas forms with stickers. It’s fun!

I have all these books for occupied me during this holiday season! What is your favorite Christmas book?



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