Hi Summer! Life Lately

Hi! Happy first day of summer everyone!

Today, it’s official first day of summer but since few weeks summer things are already in my life when the weather is good in my city.

Since monday, she is rather good… the temperature is a feeling of 100°F since yesterday.

It’s a little look what’s has been up this week.


I ate a lot, lot of strawberries. I’m a little obsessed with strawberries these times when it’s hot.

I ate also Mini S’mores Dip.

I biked several mornings and one afternoon.

My sweet cat loves hot temperature too and she loves to lay down on tiles.

I try to enjoy the maximum of time the good weather until evening, I love stay out in backyard with the sunset. Just to Enjoy!

I work currently on a project near to comes on my blog. Chtt! It’s coming.

The other day, I received a package that I waited since a long time and that I had some problem to order it in cause some new european privacy policy… but I managed. I was so excited!!! In this package it’s my new beach towel from Pottery Barn AND I love it, I’m so excited to use it on the beach.

Tuesday afternoon, I had a dentist appointment.

And I spend time with the sun.

On night I watched Fresh Off The Boat and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn.

Post-spa time, lay down with the sun.

Yesterday, it was hair cut afternoon. OK.

I had a big problem, not with my hair, but my photos, I took a photo before going to hairdressing for to do a before and after BUT later in the afternoon the photo before has gone of my camera roll. So, I don’t know if I delated accidentally like I took always one billon of pictures in the same time and after I delete the wrong but the photo is not anymore on my iPhone nor in iCloud. I have not of photo before I cut my hair. Grrr. I don’t not go a lot cut my hair about once by year.

This is a photo of after. Like I haven’t of photos of before to put, I cut about 7 cm. My feel more light.

Night out.

To play Triomino and watching Hawaii 5-0.

That’s wrap this life lately.


See you tomorrow.


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