Heat Wave & Pool Date

I will start my beach vacation recap this week but before I want to share this post! Because we’re in a current extreme heat wave in France since one week and it’s not again finished. We’re at 40 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and already about 30 degrees Celsius at 08h00am only. It’s crazy! And I do not support it psychologically! I realized that my flashbacks and anxiety are again more powerful with this heat wave. It’s really tough! It started just the day when we’re back at the home from vacation. Last Tuesday, we’re come out of an air conditioned plane to a tarmac with 40 degrees Celsius. I was in a mood to go in the water to refresh me. Next day after to be back at home, I asked to my sister if she wants to go at the public pool with me. Two things! One, the last time that I was in a big public pool it was two years ago and I did not feel me good. Second, I have no relationship with my sister and I very rarely talk to her or do something with her despite she comes at home every Sunday. I launched me, after my vacation with my parents, I was in the mood to go out with her. We went at 10h30am until 02h00pm where it started to be really too hot. We ate Mc Do on a picnic for lunch directly in the garden of the pool. It was a really nice time! We did not have talk to each other so much, I tried to go towards her and I saw compared to some other times, she has done progress and tried to communicate a little. It was a really nice time and I could remember it! It’s staying in my heart and it’s for this reason that I have done this post before my vacation recap. Another note, now I want to take again more underwater photos with my GoPro. I love it!



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