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I’m back from my Disneyland Paris October therapy trip and this trip probably could to brings me some therapy on some things that I could not think of this way and that I haven’t again clearly identified and realized. I could share the recap later this week. Stay tuned. But now…

I nailed it! I can’t believe it! I have done it! Let’s do a little recap of what I talk about. In the beginning of the year in my goals of the year, I launched me the challenge to read all Harry Potter books collection. It was a big goal because before I have never managed to read one full book and more than four phrases because of my concentration troubles and in cause of my flashbacks. I heard so much peoples talk about Harry Potter or simply peoples who tell read many books by month. Of my life, I was not able to read one full book. And I was really entrained by the idea to read Harry Potter books last year so I launched me in my goal this year.

In February, after to have finished to read the first book I was unbelievable that I managed to read one full book and I shared about to have read this first book but I almost shared how I was able to read one full book with my concentrate troubles and without never to have read one before. I invite you to read this post here if you have troubles to stay concentrate to read. Ok! It was in September during my trip in the south of France after 4600 pages and 60 hours to read Harry Potter, I finished to read all books! In the beginning of this month, I also finished to watching the eight movies. In this post, I will not really to do a review of the books or the movies but I wanted to do a review of what I thought and feelings about Harry Potter and this goal. I find important to do it after to have managed this goal who is not the first one that I could managed. I read seven books in nine month! Some peoples could tell who read seven books by month, but I realized that the books that these bloggers read are not more than four hours reading and Harry Potter books are between 8 hours to 21 hours. And I never read one full book before!

I haven’t done book on book, sometimes I took one or two weeks break before starting the next one, because I needed a break after read a book almost every day in three weeks. If I don’t count these break times, I think I read the seven books in seven months. When I finished a book also before starting the next, I watched the movie. I read all books on the Kindle app with my iPad.

Harry Potter story?!

I was interesed to read Harry Potter books because a lot talked about and loved the story. A lot of peoples who love going often in the Disney parks like me love Harry Potter but thanks not all. And me I do not love the story! Right! It’s tell, I do not love Harry Potter’s story, book after book, I realized that it was for a multitude of reasons. And the last ones were really special, I read the book where Dumbledore death the same week that my first grandma is passed away, it was really hard and after that my second grandma is passed away one and a half month later from the first, the dead and the peoples who death in Harry Potter followed without stop. Many peoples dead in each book in the lasts in the same time that I’m recovery from my two grandma passed away to one and a half month apart. It was really HARD! I don’t lived good this! I can tell, I appreciated and a bit loved the three first books but in each book after, it’s started to be more and more violent and it was really hard. I just don’t loved!

I watched each movie after to have finished to read the book of the same story. And I clearly don’t liked again more the movies than the books. I found too much violent scenes and two and a half hours a movie time is too long for me, I have trouble to watch more than one and a half hour movie. Right! Another thing, after to have read during 15 hours a book with a lot of details, I found the movies with not enough of details.

The Final.

I don’t understand why peoples love Harry Potter and I don’t like it but I’m happy to have read the books and reach my goal. During the reading times that I included in my night time routine was good. And I loved these reading time so before I never read one book and I don’t liked to read probably because I was not able to stay concentrate. Since that I finished to read the last book about one month ago, I haven’t started to read another book again but I seriously think to continue including reading times in my night time routine, but at this moment I don’t know what to read again. Right! Another thing, London was not specially on my travel bucket list despite that it’s to one and a half hour flight from my home but now I added it and I want to travel to London and maybe even visited some studios.


I think that’s wrap my own opinion and how I lived the Harry Potter story in the same time that some events in my current life. I don’t blame these who love but I find too much violent. Do you love Harry Potter? Let me tell me why you love Harry Potter, it’s could maybe help me to understand better!


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