Happy Halloween in Europa-Park 2017

Hi! It’s Halloween Day… I will recap a trip to Europa-Park on sunday, I did it with my family… In one word it was wonderful a lot of Pumpkins, Halloween Decorations… all I wanted for finish the end of Halloween season 2017.

There is few weeks ago, I asked a lot to my parents for go to EuroPa-Park in Halloween season because in France we found not a lot of Pumpkins and EuroPa-Park is about 50 minutes of road of my home. I asked a lot, a lot, I wanted so much go, I never was at EuroPa-Park with my family, cause with my family we dont do a lot of visit out of home… it’s for that I did a post named “I took abroad my parents” cause like my psychiatrist says it’s me who take out my family if not they stay at home to nothing to do without go out. My mother was finally agree and sunday was the day choose for go, my mom, my dad and my sister was with. This is not the best family trip, but I did what I want particularly… see a lot of Pumpkins, Halloween decorations, and a big awesome park.

The rain has come in the middle of afternoon, for my family it was grave but for me NO, I did the most I wanted, I hope can go in Christmas season. We let home around 10h30am and after about 50 minutes of road arrived in park.

My first impression once in the park on the first pathway, Whaouh!!! I loved this one, lot of Pumpkins and Halloween Decorations.

My mom wanted to take the Express Train in first for to do the tour of the park, I followed.

The train was in height of the park, I started by see a lot of landscapes with pumpkins around the park.

Around the Park.

After we came back at the starting point, it was time for lunch, my mom, dad, sister wanted to eat I left them, I did not eat for lunch… it was not the fear of calories outside of home in cause of Anorexia, but because I was not hungry and I did not wanted AND I was so much occupied to appreciate the lot of pumpkins and Halloween decorations.

During they ate, I watched the lot of pumpkins around the park.

After they ate it’s time for starting to explore and look the park. With my family it is never big things but we did little things.

We took a little boat on a river, calm and sounds during the boat time was include.

Little fun colors and figurines.

… Before passing in the night with a little more fear sounds.

During a walk I saw this giant book belonging at a restaurant where they are write the menus on.

I loved walking with a lot of pumpkins.

Around 01h00pm the rain started and we walk towards the Ireland place…

THE CLAP. I love.

We go in a Milka Shop a little during the rain for shelter a time. Milka World. I love Milka, this is my favorite chocolate during easter and christmas.

We continue and walk under the rain.

Again Pumpkins.

… And

This Giant Pumpkin.

After walk and appreciate the pumpkins and halloween decorations we took another train not in heigh this time but on the ground and visit again a little more the park.

A Skeleton and A Pumpkin.

It’s Halloween time and Fall time with a lot of leaves.

And again a lot of pumpkins and Halloween decorations.

After and around 03h00pm we came back at the entrance away and look in the souvenirs shops before look a last time the pumpkins and Halloween decorations in the park.

We took the way of car and we took the road for home around 03h30pm.

I appreciate to eat this Bretzel from inside the park on the road of home cause I did not have nothing eat since my pancakes syrup erable’s breakfast.

On that, this little Halloween trip in Europa-Park is wrapped… the real trip is wrapped… but not the memories.

I most beated my depression this day.

Happy Halloween in Europa-Park 2017.


You have no movies ideas to watch for this night, Look in my list to me here. Maybe you will found one.

And just for finish, I love this one.

I wish you a Happy Halloween!!!

See you tomorrow. xoxo


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