Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris!

Happy 29th Birthday Disneyland Paris!

Today, it’s the birthday of a place who has a very special place in my heart. It’s Disneyland Paris birthday! Disneyland Paris (before named EuroDisney) opened on April 12, 1992. Today. It’s a bit special and heartbreaking because it’s the second years in the row that Disneyland Paris is closed for his birthday because of the pandemic. I’m sure it’s could be the only Disney park in the world who is closed two years in the row for his birthday because of the pandemic. It’s sad and I’m angry also! In waiting, Disneyland Paris is already preparing for his 30th Birthday next year, like with the big current refurbishment du Chateau de La Belle au Bois Dormant who has started in January. It’s exciting! And hoping that by this time, the pandemic is would better and that the parades and shows are back.

But today, it’s also exciting because despite that it’s the second year in the row that Disneyland Paris is closed for his birthday, Disneyland Paris hasn’t decided to pass aside of this birthday despite the park closed. There is a virtual celebration. Apparently, inside they could talk about the future of the park and about what is preparing for the upcoming reopening who has no date again. I’m so excited! I think, this is the first time since more than one year that I feel so excited until the bottom of my heart. Since a few weeks that I have finally understood that it’s because of my traumas unlocked during the lockdowns that I felt in a mental breakdown these past months. I understand different my emotions and it’s the first time in so long that I feel an excitement emotion so powerful for something. Right! I think with my new treatment I start to manage more slowly some emotions also.

Right! I haven’t of new videos to do a new video for this birthday with the park closed since the end of October 2020 but I used old videos to do an all new video. It’s ok! Right?! It’s the attention who count! And Disneyland Paris has all my attention.

If you follow me since a while you could probably already hear talk that Disneyland Paris has been so much therapeutic for me between September 2019 and March 2020, less during the three months of reopening last summer and I now know why. These solo trips has been the best thing in my life, for the first time after more than 10 years in depression, when I was there I felt happy to wake up and happy at the end of my days there. It was crazy! I have never felt that before! Despite that Disneyland Paris is closed right now and since so long, my trips that I have done permits me to self-understand myself better, again more particularly after this past hard year, and particularly these past months where I understand what was the problem. It’s crazy!

I have no other words to tell. My heart is full of joy when I think to you, Disneyland Paris. Happy Birthday! Hope that you don’t feel so alone, but I know that even if guests can’t come see you right now, you have wonderful Cast Members who take care of you. Real hope to see you soon!



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