Happy Bastille Day 2018 France!!!

Today, it’s Bastille day.

I wish a Happy Bastille day to France.

But 14th July in France it’s not only a happy day since two years, it’s also one of the most sadness remember day for France.

Since the worst terror attack who happened in Nice on 14th July 2016.

… Two years ago.

This is a veritable sadness thing for me this terror attack, you know already if you read my blog since few times that Nice is my favorite city in France.

I traveled in Nice before the terror attack and after and I love so much Nice.

My heart is broken…

It’s two years anniversary on this special day and I’m so sad.


I have all my heart right now…

For Nice.

For the victims.

For the peoples injured in this attack, for these physically injured, for these psychologically injured.


Nice I love you, I have my heart full for you.


Ps. These days I’m on the way of back home from my beach summer vacation trip in Corsica. I would be here back on my blog next week with some trip recaps including a lot of photos.



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