Halloween Therapy Coloring

Last month, I discovered that draw and coloring has a helpful and therapeutic help on my obsessional thoughts and anxiety. When I’m in the act to drawing or coloring, I have (almost) nothing thoughts. I’m concentrating just on what I’m coloring! In this new school year, I launched me the goal to develop my creativity. It’s not always easy because I had no creativity. When I was a child, I never really did activities creative. Nobody learns me to develop my creativity. In the beginning, it was not easy when I started to draw or coloring, when I wanted to color a house, I asked me even what color take for that it’s the more real. In my head, it was! the draw to be real! But in fact for let my thoughts and emotions go out of me, the coloring must not be real but in function of my mood. And that was not easy in the beginning! Now, it’s easier but something hard again! But step after step, I do not think anymore what color take for that looks real but what color I want and that I have in my mind. No matter if it does not look real! It’s a hard work! But! It’s so therapeutic!

I drew a lot when I started the last month but I’m currently obsessed with Halloween coloring. Yes! This is the season! Here, a little look at my Halloween therapeutic coloring sheets. The coloring sheets come from my Halloween Activity Books or I found them on Pinterest. Generally, I’m coloring in the nights during watching a Halloween movie or sometimes in afternoons.

I love so much coloring Haunted Houses!

And pumpkins!

Do you love coloring? Does it help you in your anxiety?

Thanks for reading!


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