Halloween Movies

The counting down has started until Halloween. Halloween movies are always a good idea for adults or kids. I will share my favorites Halloween movies. To know! I’m not a scary movies lover. Boo! No! I have fear to watch scary movies. My heart is crazy! Ok! My Halloween movies list is a friendly movies list,… for everyone in the family. Ok guys! If you have any other ideas of NO-SCARY Halloween movies, please let me know it in the comments section. I’m always here for watch new movies.

Grabbing a cup of hot tea, snack, and a blanket and it’s time for Halloween movie night.


1. The Dog Who Saved Halloween.

2. Fun Size.

3. Ghostbusters.

4. Hocus Pocus.

5. The Night before Christmas.

6. Casper.

7. E.T.

8. Halloweentown.

9. The Haunted Mansion.

10. The Little Vampire.

11. BeetleJuice.

12. Underwraps.

13. The Adams Family.

14. Monster House.

15. Tower of terror.

16. Paranorman.


Hey! What are your favorites Halloween movies?



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