Halloween 2020 at Disneyland Paris Videos

Lockdown number 2, Day 3. Despite that in France we are back in a lockdown, the Halloween Festival at Disneyland Paris has been able to run almost all the month of October. It’s amazing!

Well! During my trip October, I of course took the time to filming at was present during this special Halloween season. From filming to the post-production, these videos were really special to work on it despite that Halloween season is not my favorite. It’s the first time since March that I filmed something all a season at Disneyland Paris. And it’s the first time since March that I worked on some videos who ask to film under many angles and who ask so much work in post-production. It’s so good!

In first, I planned to do one video, about the all Halloween Festival but back home and like I enough filmed I decided to do a second video with only the Halloween floats who ride the parade route. You know that to see ride these first floats since March on the parade route has something of very special to me. And again more now that Disneyland Paris has closed again.

You can watching the videos below or on my Youtube channel.

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