Halloween 2018

Well! I made me, my own little Halloween. Halloween is not a big deal in France compared to the USA. When I was a child, I remember that I went trick or treat. But gradually with the years and when I grew up, Halloween has disappeared. In my town, one house on twenty is only decorated. This Halloween, nobody came trick or treat at my door. I’m feeling a little sad that Halloween has disappeared. Ok! I decided for myself that Halloween could not disappear and I made my Halloween day. Right! I did not wear Halloween costume but I did Halloween things. A lovely thing that I saw on this Halloween! In the afternoon, I went to a cultural shop and the staffs of the store worn Halloween costumes and had made up. This is the first time since many years that I felt a Halloween spirit outdoor of my house. I loved! I baked Spiderweb Cupcakes. I colored Halloween draw.

I binge my night! I watched three Halloween movies. Fun Size, Halloweentown, The Dog Who Saved Halloween. And I finished with a Halloween Psych episode. Boo! That was my night! I loved it!

Hope that your Halloween was good! I hope that Halloween spirit was more existing in your town than mine!



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