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Going to Disneyland in solo is a choice and an amazing experience! Since last year I have done all my day trips or trips with stay nights in some hotels in solo. It’s a personal choice for many reasons. I could talk why I love to travel in solo in another post. Before going to Disneyland Paris in solo I started to travel in some cities in solo. It was really an enriching experience to travel in solo on my mental health or just about life.

Going to Disneyland in solo can afraid some peoples, more than on any other trips because Disneyland is more a family destination. BUT NO! IT’S NOT! Going to Disneyland is for everyone who loves going there, whatever if you’re young, old, in family or in solo. I created this guide specially for peoples who could love to go at Disneyland Paris in solo. These are some tips and tricks that I took back of my solo trips experiences that I have done all over the year.


I already talked in a post why going to Disneyland in solo. There are some multiple reasons! But the ones that I love and who find me the want to go back to Disneyland in solo:

The plans. When you’re going to Disneyland like any travel in solo, the best thing is to could choose your plans, the route that you want to take you AND JUST YOU. When you travel with multiples peoples you need to take also their desires in the plans and in function of with what kind of peoples you travel, it’s can be hard. You’re free with only your desires when you create the plans of your travel and that’s an of my favorite about travel to Disneyland in solo.

Take Photos. I’m literally going to Disneyland Paris to take more photos than doing more attractions. When you’re a photographer, you want and take more time to take photos. And sometimes it’s can be long when you stay at the same spot during 30 minutes until you have done the photos that you want. It’s hard when you’re accompanied to take this time because you stop the day of the peoples that you’re with. And during a trip to Disneyland the time is counted! 

Single Riders. There are not a very lot of single rider lines to Disneyland Paris but in the attractions with single riders it’s can be very cool. To do the attraction Ratatouille in the Walt Disney Studios in 5 minutes with the single rider while the regular line is at 50 minutes waiting time. It’s a good thing when you travel in solo! 

Less Expensive. Let’s be real! Going to Disney parks is expensive so when you’re in solo you spend so much less.


You have in front of you a multitude of possibilities of things to do at Disneyland Paris when you’re going in solo. The usual things that you do when you going to the parks accompanied and much more.

Attractions // The biggest thing why peoples go at Disneyland. You’re in solo, when there are use single rider lines and the rest I highly recommend to sleep in a Disney hotel and to do the most attractions possible during Extra Magic Hours. It’s amazing! In 30 minutes you can to do three attractions. It’s even already happened that I haven’t to wait 1 minute for It’s A Small World during Extra Magic Hours. It’s Extra Magic!

Parades // My favorite when I’m going to Disneyland Paris, I love Disney Stars On Parade. If you’re not a photographer, I highly recommend going watching the parade in Fantasyland because it’s the hour that the parade start, go 30 minutes before. If you want to take photos, I highly recommend to go on Main Street USA and if you want to have the Castle in the background you need to take place at the beginning of Main Street USA, in front of the kiosk. Here, you need to go 1 hour to 45 minutes before and Summer as Winter. But you have the best view in waiting! Another one to take into account, here the parade arrive around 15 minutes after his official hour departure. The time that she does her route until Main Street USA, it’s legitimate but I hear so many peoples around me, why the parade is not here at 17h30, she beginning from Fantasyland at 17h30 and, and at 17h45 on Main Street USA.

Shows // Go watch some shows, inside or outside depending of the season (you can find the actual shows here), take the time and watch some shows. I do it rarely because I go often in advance to take the best spots for photos but when you going at the last minute and that you’re in solo, you can be able to find one place again.

Characters // I haven’t a lot of tips to give about meeting characters because I have never done it cause of my social anxiety. But it’s always a thing that you can to do when you’re in solo if you love meeting characters. You haven’t need to have a PhotoPass, the cast member could take the photo with your own phone.

Going on a walk // Just take a walk around the park and discover. I love to walk from Main Street USA to Fantasyland, in passing on the right side of the Castle not under, it’s generally too much crowded.

Drink in a cafe // Take a break from the park in a cafe. I love the Cafe Fantasia in the Disneyland hotel or without going out of the park, I love going to the Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant where they have the best milkshakes during summer and the best Mickey waffle during the winter season.

Enjoying to be at Disneyland // Sit down on a bench or in Discovery or Liberty Arcade if it’s too cold outside and look around and enjoy that you’re at Disneyland Paris.

Look at the details // Details at Disneyland Paris are everywhere and really fun to discover, slow down when you walk and look around you and try to find some details. I particularly love to look at hidden Mickeys me.

Treat yourself // You love to eat snacks, stop by Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street USA for Mickey Shaped cookies or cupcakes. Treat yourself!



+Wear comfy shoes and clothes. If you are going in Winter wear multiple layers. It’s cold in Paris.

+Enjoy your time in solo.

+To do a plan ahead (you can always change it once there) but you have the goals of your trip.

+Set a budget for the souvenirs, and think ahead what kind of things you could love to bring home.

+Take an external battery. I shared tips on how to prepare his phone for Disneyland here.

+Sleep in a Disney Hotel for Extra Magic Hours.

Have you been in a Disney park in solo? Could you dream to do Disneyland in solo? Let me know it! I could love to hear!



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