Gift Guide – Anxiety & Depression peoples

To offer gifts for peoples with anxiety or depression can sound not to be always easy. What things can to be good for them? What could I buy to help them? Christmas is coming and the difficult to offer what kind of gifts can to be again more here. I will share a little gifts guide for peoples with anxiety or depression. Or anyway other mental illness! I built this list with my experiences to deal with my anxiety or depression. No worry! In reality, there is a lot of gifts to offer for peoples who suffer from mental illness and who can to be useful and with various prices.

gift guide - anxiety & depression peoples


Gratitude Journal // By writing the positives, that’s can really help a person with a depression or anxiety. Write down all the good things in life, on yourself, on your favorites things, what you love. The perfect gift!

Faux Fur eye mask // Place a soft fur mask on your eyes and take a little self-care time outside from this world can so much to be good at taking back energy and face the real life.


Saranoni Blanket // You can to have needed just to be cozy. The Saranoni blanket is the best for this! Wrapping you in the blanket when you have anxiety is just awesome. I deal with so much anxiety! I feel so better when I snuggle with my Saranoni blankets. This is a very sweet gift!

Philips Hue Go // The nice thing with this lamp. You can reduce the intensity of the luminosity and you have the choice with 1 billion of different colors. Reduce the intensity or change of colors in function of your moods, carry you in a cozy world.


Coloring book // I recently discovered that for my obsessional thoughts or anxiety, coloring is just so good! Coloring has a good positive effect on a person with depression or anxiety.

Lettering practice // Practice calligraphy is an awesome creative time for the mind


Erin Condren Planner // I love this planner! An organization when you have depression or anxiety can so much improve your mental conditions. The Erin Condren planner is amazing! You have all the spaces for write daily, monthly, yearly, extra pages to write notes. Add stickers at your planner is fun and can help the mind of a person in depression to want do the things also. It’s a perfect gift!

Planning Magnetic Board // A board to see in permanence for write all things to do in the day. When you deal with a mental illness, the simple things can to be hard to do. Write them on a board, That’s helpful to remember what you must to do!


Dvd set box // Ok. The times when you want to stay in bed all day. And you want to do nothing! Watching movies or tv shows can be a good idea. A dvd box can to be really a good idea! Right! Stay in bed all day is not good but by watching you do not sleep at least!

Gift card Netflix // In the same idea as dvd. If you have nothing idea what dvd to buy for the person. A Netflix gift card. For the large choice of movies and tv shows.


UGG boots // To offer a gift to wear can to be a good idea because when you are in depression it’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to dress up. Comfort clothes can help the change! By the way, that’s work good for me. The UGG boots are not only perfect to wear but the fact that it’s some outside shoes that’s can help to motivate to go outside. Never have cold feet anymore!!!

Comfy Sweater // Help a person in depression to take off his pajamas in mornings by offering him a sweet and comfy sweater. The best a cashmere pull-over! No matter if I’m in depression. If I have a sweet sweater to wear, I’m dressing up right now in the mornings! Right! A good gift also!


I hope that my gifts guide could have been you helpful! You see! It’s easy to find in reality a good gift to offer even for peoples who suffer from anxiety or depression. So simple!

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